Did the Internet Kill Direct Marketing?

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What Is Direct Marketing?

As the name implies, direct marketing strives to reach a potential consumer without any other advertising medium in place. In a traditional direct marketing company, representatives would personally reach out to their network of friends and business associates. We have all seen lots of examples of this, from the Avon Lady to Tupperware parties. It worked in the past, and it still works today. But now, even these staples of American direct marketing have been supplemented by other forms of advertising. A customer may still purchase from a representative, and that distributor may be eager to recruit other reps under her or him, but that person is likely to be supported by some form of advertising campaign.

Is Direct Marketing All About Recruiting More Distributors?

Well, we have certainly seen lots of examples of direct marketing companies that produced very good products. Most of us have had bowls or makeup or jewelry that we bought from a distributor who had a home party or passed a catalogue around an office. But most people who are involved in these types of companies will tell you, the real money lies in recruiting a network of people underneath. The recruiting distributor should help train the recruits, and in return, gets a percentage of the sale from each one. That way, instead of having to sell all of the products to make an income, the rep can send out an army of other reps.

People Still Want Home Businesses

Even in the internet age, and maybe more so, lots of people are working from home Internet advertising does not replace word of mouth, but can even supplement it. A prospect can find opportunities of products online, fill out a lead form, and then become a prospect. In some cases, these prospects will be interested in purchasing, and they will become customers. A prospect who is very excited about the product, and also about the idea of running a home business may become a representative under the recruiter.

How To Find A Good Direct Marketing Company

If you are interested in running your own business, but want the support of a major company, direct marketing may be a good option for you! Make sure you find a company that actually has good products to sell because most of us can never sell anything we are not actually sold on.

As you consumer the product, you will have no trouble mentioning it to other people. But to spread the word beyond your neighborhood, you may look into the power of online ads!

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