Marketing Strategies for Medical Practices

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Marketing a medical practice is incomplete with an advertisement or two. Announcing yourself in the healthcare industry with just local media advertising will not help you achieve practice success. And marketing without networking will not only fail, but also give you sleepless nights. In such case, a methodical and tactical approach is required. Structuring a carefully thought marketing plan is good to start with. Market analysis, market strategy, implementation and follow-up should make it to the priority list of your marketing campaign. Deliverability of the plan will depend on how well you engage in acquiring background information. We look at some of the avenues that you can explore in order to generate more patients.

Before stepping on the gas, consider the availability of the funds. How much are you comfortable spending? Does your budget allow you to cross the limits? Such calculations will help you determine what tactics are useful for your practice. An appropriate mix of networking, advertising / promotion and community outreach would do wonders for you.

Building a relationship with the local physicians is necessary in order to be considered for referrals. Make sure the bonding between you and the local doctors is based on respect and mutual benefit. For that to happen, you need to discover new doctors in town or hospitals. Rendezvous them in conferences, events and community meetings. Arranging a friendly lunch or dinner might not be a bad idea. Keep a database of doctors you have met.

Invite local papers and indulge in press conferences to call you as an expert. To make sure that everything falls into place, have a portfolio that includes your photo, CV, specialties, and a list of lectures and articles you are willing to prepare. Plus, you can use the power of press releases.

Create a user-friendly website that will clear patient questions and lure them to your clinic. Focus on the content part more than anything else. Your website should contain vital information, which includes medical philosophy, the services offered, health plans you honor, information about your doctors, directions and maps. Mention upcoming seminaries and workshops, if you offer any. Post newsletters on the website along with FAQs.

Stay in touch with your patients even after they have received treatment. Send out practice newsletters full of practical health tips and issues on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Send thank you cards and contact them on a regular basis to ask about if they need information on any particular issue.

To get the most out of your medical marketing plan, you need your staff support. Without their contribution, you stand now. Set the record straight and ask your support team to be incorporating.

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