Clash of the Titans – FC Barcelona v Real Madrid 22-23 December 2007

Perhaps the most eager awaited matches of the year are against the two giants of Spanish football: FC Barcelona is one and Real Madrid the other. This year the first round match takes place in Barcelona and it's just before Christmas. That fact alone means that it will be a great opportunity in one of several ways:

1. Give you loved one an early Christmas present by taking them to see FC Barcelona versus Real Madrid at the Nou Camp. Tickets are like gold dust and it is one of the largest football events in the world. True football fans will be thankful to you for the rest of their life!

2. Spoil yourself (option 1) with a pre-Christmas trip to Barcelona where you can do your last minute Xmas shopping and go and watch the football. We will not know whether the date will be the Saturday or Sunday yet, but you'll have plenty of time to take a trip to the museum and the stadium tour, get some great Barcelona style food and head to the stadium again for the match over the course of your weekend. Then you can head back home on Christmas Eve to spend Christmas at home.

3. Spoil yourself (option 2) by arriving on the Friday or Saturday, do some shopping and / or sightseeing including the museum visit and stadium tour. Enjoy Barcelona's famous food delights and the Christmas markets dotted around the old town before heading to the stadium on Saturday or Sunday night. Once the football is over you can spend a few more days in Barcelona, ​​enjoying pampered existence in your hotel, while you'll find most restaurants are open on Christmas Day.

FC Barcelona versus Real Madrid really is one of the sporting calendar's top dates and if you are a complete football nut then it's a match that you should definitely not miss.

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