Still Using Stylelife Seduction Strategies? Read This Review of The Game

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Do you know Stylelife? In 2005, a book called The Game was published by a pick up artist named Neil Strauss, who is also the founder of the company he named Stylelife. In this article, I will list some of the pros and cons of using techniques taught by Style (Neil Strauss), as well as my personal opinions on why these techniques need updating.

The Game by Neil Strauss – A Short Review

– It's Entertaining

For years, men have bought the book, listened to Neil Strauss' recommendations and followed the tips from Stylelife. Any guy who has ever read the book The Game will tell you that it's an entertaining piece of work. You'll get a kick out of reading the exploits of Style (Neil Strauss) himself as he used the seduction techniques on women.

– Dogmatic Strategies

When it comes to teaching men to meet women, Stylelife may be considered a pioneer, but this does not mean the techniques are always practical to use when your goal is to attract women considering the changes that have occurred in the world from the time the book was published to the present day. It's like a doctor trying to do cosmetic surgery procedures from 5 years ago even with the new technologies present in this day and age.

One thing that stuck me is that there are very rigid structures involved in the techniques. In a sense, you need a specific scenario to happen before you can dish out an opener. The factors have to be right or you can not execute the technique.

– Rigid Rules

Another way of looking at it is that you can not modify a technique because even the slightest modification may make you look pathetic, desperate or sex-hungry. The unchallengeable way each technique is design does not fly in today's dating scene, and men who try to use these techniques end up frustrated that they can not execute them well, if at all.

– Strange Names for Techniques

The coining of terminology for different terms may have served men well during the time when pick up strategies were still considered underground. But now, trying to decipher weird phrases before you can even nibble at the main meat of the technique can be annoying. Followers of Stylelife may be able to get the meaning of each term without much fuss, but guys who are new to seduction want something that will not confuse them.

All in all, Stylelife and the strategies taught by Neil Strauss, including the principles of seduction described in The Game, are quite a read. If you're looking for an entertaining read and you're willing to give any seduction technique a try at least once (just to find out if it works for you), then Stylelife might be worth your time.

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