What To Look For In Selecting Batting Cages For Your Team

As batting cages provide the framework for successful hitting skills, not all of them are the same. Depending upon the amount of space that is available, a variety of cages are on the market to suit the simplest of personal needs, but also to satisfy the more serious nature of baseball equipment from a business perspective. Either way, baseball fever is now upon us, and it seems as though most everyone wants to take a stab at a 90 mph pitch and crush the daylights out of it. Whether dealing with instructional leagues, high schools, colleges, universities, semi-pros, or professionals, batting cages play a major role in tying together the fabric that continues to keep America’s favorite pastime a thriving enterprise.

Batting Cages Inc., also known as BCI, offers three different styles with varied dimensions. The Economy Package and its trapezoid configuration provide added stability to prevent the apparatus from swaying while in use. With three different depth options at 35′, 55′, or 70′, the netting is made to match the angled pole measurements. All of these models have 14′ bases and they’re 10′ wide at the top. These batting cages are economically viable and easy to put together. Instructions indicate that two people can complete this task in about an hour.

BCI’s Premium #42 KVX200™ has two different depths at 55′ and 70′, yet both have 12’x 14′ bases. The rib-lined center provides for structural stability while their UV treated baseball nets repel moisture, which helps to prevent erosion or rotting. Established as one of their best sellers, the KVX has a total of four different packages: the 55′ and 70′ models can be delivered with or without support poles, and the prices will be adjusted accordingly.

With BCI’s Mastodon™ batting cages, having enough room to house even the largest pitching machines is no problem. Built with some of the heaviest and sturdiest materials available, the Mastodon employs the use of structural galvanized and fortified steel as an anticorrosive coating, and they also offer the patented Bear Trap™ Netting that is built to last under most any weather conditions. The depth of their largest model is 80′ while the width and height both measure in at 14′. BCI also has a number of combinations for the Mastodon cages with prices to match each individual setup.

Cages Plus also sells batting cages that are built to withstand the test of time. Their Wheel House models also vary in size and shape, starting with the 40′ adjustable frame with removable section capability. The length of the frame can be adjusted according to given area restrictions, and can also adapt to uneven terrain with its flexibility. The square-shaped nylon netting (# 21gauge) minimizes unwanted elasticity, and it can be used for both indoor and outdoor activity. It also comes with a one year refundable warranty, which is a testament to the quality of their batting cages.

The Wheel House 50′, 60′, and 70′ editions are furnished with the same amenities as the 40′ setup, with the exception of their differently gauged baseball nets. They use both the # 21 and #36 mesh styles, which can be mixed and matched upon request.

The Heater Xtender also ranks highly in the world of baseball equipment. With six different depth sizes ranging from 24′ to 72′, the Xtender is designed to fit where it is needed. The medial arch rod consists of fiberglass, which is crucial to its flex-without-snapping capability. The side-support tubes are erected from steel, making it both sturdy and rigidly elastic. From side to side and from top to bottom, the measurements for each of these batting cages are 12′ x 12′, allowing hitters to experiment with an array of swinging styles and batting stances.

This type of athletic equipment also plays a significant role in the softball industry as well, seeing as how the two sports are closely related. Getting in shape for the upcoming season and seasons to follow begins with developing a fluid swing. Becoming a decent hitter at the onset is an interdisciplinary thing, yet after seeing thousands of pitches, the odds of becoming a great hitter can escalate. Thus, utilizing the batting cages on a consistent basis can improve an individual player and team’s performance during both practice and game day.

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