Phoenix Schools Advertising for Students

Phoenix schools have recently launched a campaign designed to attract kindergarten students to schools within the city. Since school funding is based on enrollment, the more students who are signed up, the more money the school is given. This would imply that the schools that are able to sign up the most students are able to offer the best quality education, since they have more money to work with. This approach is just wrong.

Phoenix Schools Should Offer the Same Services for All

A better way to go about things would be to find a different way of funding Phoenix schools. All public-funded schools should offer the same program to students. If a student changes schools in the Phoenix area, they should expect that they will continue with the same curriculum as in their old school.

This approach would combat the idea that certain schools offer a better quality of education than other ones in the Phoenix area do. Instead of schools spending money on advertising campaigns designed to attract new students, they can spend the money on what should be most important: the students attending Phoenix schools themselves.

Board Officials Need to Make Tough Choices for Schools

There is to be a better way to provide funding for Phoenix schools than this. If some schools are becoming too much to keep running, then they may need to be closed down. Another option may be to use part of an existing building for educational purposes and rent out the remaining space to community groups or small businesses that need space. If we all think about this issue creatively, we should be able to come up with alternatives that do not involve parents of young children being wooed to sign their children up for certain kindergartens programs that are offering perks that other Phoenix schools can not compete with.

Let's put an end to this practice for Phoenix schools right now, and let board officials know that school funds should be used to pay for books and programs for students, not advertising campaigns. There has to be a way that all students can share in the school funding pie and benefit from it, not just the ones who are going to the most popular (and best funded) schools.

When students going to Phoenix schools (and their parents) know that they are getting a good quality education, everyone benefits. This is a much better approach to education than having schools focus their efforts on recruiting the most students so that they can get the funds they need to educate them properly. This plan has something fundamentally wrong with it, and parents should step up and demand something better for their children.

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