Baseball – How To Follow Defensive Strategy

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The most important part for the baseball defending team is 'pitcher'. An effective strategy of pitcher prevents the batters from getting on base and try to retire the batters.

In one entire game, usually one hundred pitches are thrown. Most of the pitchers start getting tired at this point of time.
With new research and results now, we have better understanding of the body movements of the pitcher.

Sometimes, more than one pitcher is required in the game. The game starts with starting pitcher and relief pitcher. These pitchers are used as the substitution in the game to avoid a lot of pressure on one single pitcher.
The good thing is that there is no such rule to restrict the number of pitcher used in the game.

For relief situations, a starting pitcher is avoided. They are used when the game becomes really very important.
Some teams also use emergency pitchers to avoid the embarrassment.

In earlier days of this game, teams generally did not use to have the concept of relief pitcher.
The pitcher that used to start the game would remain active till the game lasts or at least up to the point where they were not injured.

To understand the strategy, think about the fast ball strategy used by pitchers.
Any pitcher that throws the ball at 90 miles per hour is considered to be good.
Very few pitchers have crossed this limit.
Submarine style is the favorite style of some pitchers.

It is considered good in baseball if you can throw fast ball with good strategy.

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