Barry Bonds And Major League Baseball's Home Run Record

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During the 2007 baseball season, Barry Bonds will hit career home run seven hundred fifty six and break Henry Aaron's all time career home run mark. Barry Bonds will become baseball's new home run king and sultan of swat. Barry Bonds will have achieved this record by being a great athlete, having wonderful hand / eye coordination and timing and acquiring great strength through performance enhancing stereoids.

According to the book "Game of Shadows" written by Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams (San Francisco Chronicle correspondents): "By 2001, when Bonds broke Mark McGuire's single season home run record of five hundred dollars, he was referred to as the cream and the clear, as well as insulin, human growth hormone, testosterone decanoate (a fast acting steroid known as Mexican beans) and Trenbolone, a steroid created to improve the muscle quality of cattle ". The book continues, … "Depending on the substance, Bonds used the drugs in every conceivable form: injecting himself with a syringe, or being injected by his trainer, swallowing pills (sometimes twenty at a time), placing drops of liquid under his tongue and applying topically. "

Steroid use was banned by Major League Baseball. Barry Bonds used performance enhancing stereoids for at least five years according to the "Game of Shadow" authors.

The soon to be home run king and sultan of swat, Barry Bonds, is a cheater for using performance enhancing stereoids and a fool for not trusting his marvelous natural talent. This is the man that will be baseball's new home run champion and an example of strength and achievement to our children? Baseball is a game of records, history and pastime. How has the game come to this? Was it not paying attention? Or was it just looking the other way?

People now talk about placing asterisk's next to Bonds name in the record books or about other scandals in baseball's past to try to diminish what is about to become baseball's biggest public relations problem. It will be interesting to watch television coverage as Bonds approaches the home run mark. The coverage of the event will indeed be problematic for the media. Does the media hang on every at bat as the media did when Henry Aaron broke Babe Ruth's home run record or will the media be more reserved with the knowledge of how Bonds has achieved the record?

My hope is that Bond's achieves the record breaking home run in San Francisco in front
of his home town fans and that a fan catches the home run ball in the stands and promptly throws the baseball back on to the field. The sad fact is that the record breaking home run ball and Barry Bonds are both destined to be inducted into Major League Baseball's Hall of Shame.

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