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Fax marketing is an alternative means of effectively communicating to customers any last-minute company offerings. It is also one of the relatively underutilized means of business advertising and marketing.

The Marketing Game

Business companies can never have enough of advertising and marketing alternatives. TV, radio, print, outdoor advertising, and internet marketing are options which have been truly and extensively exhausted. A business will put up a big billboard on the intersection one day, but the competition will only put up a bigger billboard on the next intersection the next day. Another company will purchase thirty seconds of airtime for a high-budget TV commercial one week, but the competing company will only purchase 45 seconds of airtime for its higher-budget TV commercial.

Every means of advertising your products and services seem to have already been learned and perfected by your competition. In that case, how do you get the competitive advantage? If you are on the brink of insanity trying to think up new ways of advertising that has not been already discovered by your competitor, try fax marketing.

Fax Marketing: Fast and Effective

Fax is not a new technology but its use in advertising is a fairly new development. Due to the relatively lesser notoriety of fax broadcasting, it is an ideal marketing solution to the business that desires to have an edge over its competition.

Fax broadcasting is offered by a fax marketing company that has a network of business consumers. When you need to make a special announcement , the fax marketing company will simply fax it to their contacts that belong to your target market.

Fax marketing has demonstrated immediate results. As a case in point, some cruise liners have already found fax marketing very helpful at filling up ships. Within hours of setting sail, it is inevitable that some travelers will cancel their cruise ship reservations. At this point, the cruise liner will have to suffer an enormous loss if it lets its ship leave port without filling up the vacancies.

However, it would hardly be cost-effective to buy TV or radio airtime to make just such an announcement. With the high costs of TV and radio airtime, the rewards in additional passengers will just be offset by the money spent on advertising. Advertising through the print media is also out of the question because of the time constraints. Email marketing is a greatly possible option, but statistics have consistently proven a low response rate to such an advertising medium.

The cruise liners tried fax marketing and it worked superbly well to fill up their empty ships. Through fax marketing, the advertising message reached the intended recipients almost instantaneously through a medium that has always been taken seriously.

Fax broadcasting offers the beleaguered company a means of quickly communicating their special offers to their intended consumers. Through it, companies have a cost-effective, last-minute advertising medium that has consistently shown highly remarkable results.

If your company has such a need for a speedy and effective advertising and marketing medium, do give fax marketing a try. You will be pleasantly surprised at the high rate of return this marketing medium will give you.

Watch out for the rules and regulations before you press the send button??

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