What Price Tag Would You Put on Your Life?

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I meet and talk with people all the time and I never determine to be amazed at their priorities and the price tags they seemingly place on their life and that of their loved ones. Life as we all know is priceless and unlike a cat with nine lives, we only get one go around on this earth, so we have to make the most of the one life we ​​are given. Unfortunately, so many people get caught up in material things and forget the one thing that money can not buy-that "thing" is life and hopefully a happy and fulfilling one. That is why when I am told that someone can not "afford" a personal security device, yet they continue to go out to dinner or buy that new outfit they have been crying to get, I can only shake my head. What good is anything material if you are not around to enjoy it?

It is no secret that the present day economy for the common person is not getting better-in many ways it has just grown worse. And we all know that along with increased poverty and budget crunches, comes increased crime and criminal attacks. Criminals only know one thing and that is that if they can not have what they want, they will take it -a simple fact but a very true one all the same. I know just reading in the newspaper lately, there seems to be increased negative stories- stories of robberies, stabbings, shootings, and sordid other crimes which all center around the criminal taking what he or she wants, regardless of what it costs the victim.

When the economy Declines, this should be the time when one increases their defenses and occasional purchases extra personal protective devices to have on hand if the need arises. LaTely, I have been much more cautious in walking parking lots, in shopping malls, and other areas where an attack could happen. I carry a personal security device with me at all times and am ready to use it at a moment's notice. I highly value my life and no one is going to carelessly take it from me-certainly not because of my own ignorance in not preparing myself for the societal and criminal issues facing us today.

I hope you are not one of those who wants to stay oblivious to what is happening to the world today. It will not help things and it certainly will not keep you safer. Instead, I hope this message will be a call to action; that it is surely the time to prepare yourself in that if an attack happens to you, you are ready to defend yourself. Look over the various types of personal defense such as pepper spray which comes in a variety of modes such as pepper spray, pepper spray lipstick, pepper spray pen, pepper spray visor clip, pepper gel, pepper foam and more. There is also the tasers and stun guns and mobile personal alerts to draw attention to any situation. Decide which device and form is most suited to you so you will feel comfortable using if the need arises.

I'm sure if victims past could send us a message, they would tell us not to take out lives for granted or set a price tag on life. What we may determine is "too much" when it comes to personal security and defense, is nothing when it comes to life, as it is irreplaceable and if we gamble that nothing will happen to us, and we loose, we really loose! Do not be a loser- get the personal security device you need to protect yourself.

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