Basketball, Jump Higher and Dunk Using the Power of Your Mind – Mental Rehearsal

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In this article I would like to introduce you to a powerful training method used by the worlds greatest athletes.

It is called "Mental Rehearsal"

When used with goal setting mental rehearsal will produce amazing results.

In this method you use the incredible power of your imagination to visualize your goals as already achieved.

Here is how you use mental rehearsal (visualization).

Sit or lay down in a quiet spot and get your body into a deep state of relaxation. Try to clear your mind of all thoughts by breathing deeply and repeating a simple phrase like "thank you" over and over again.

Then, with a feeling of total belief visualize yourself dunking.

Visualize yourself in as much detail as you can. See the bleachers in the gym all around you, smell the leather ball, feel the hardwood floor under your feet, hear the ball bouncing on the floor as you approach the basket, feel your legs coil as you begin to explode upward, feel yourself floating towards the rim and dunking the ball into the hoop, feel your arms tighten as you hang on the rim for a second or two before you drop back down to the ground. When you hit the ground feel the pride and satisfaction you will feel after a great dunk.

Visualize yourself dunking as often as you can. Dream of dunking in your spare time. What this does is program your subconscious mind at a deep level. When you get your subconscious mind to believe any goal – it is just a matter of time before it happens.

Here are the 4 things to keep in mind when using mental rehearsal.

(1) Intensity … make sure your image is as emotional as possible. Feel the pride and satisfaction of a

great dunk! Make the emotions as strong and real as possible.

(2) Detail … make your pictures as viable as possible. The clearer you can see your goal the faster it will

be achieved. Use all your senses.

(3) Duration … hold the image as long as you can. Give your subconscious mind time to absorb and

believe the picture.

(4) Frequency … like I mentioned earlier, visualize your goal as often as you can. Science has not

figured out how this works yet– but there is a direct relationship between the frequency of your

visualizations and the time it takes your subconscious mind to believe it and make it a reality.

There you have it. The most powerful mental technique on the planet. If you practice mental rehearsal on your goals you will be able to dunk faster than you ever thought possible.

See you at the top.

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