Email Marketing Crimes

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Email Marketing is NOT dead as some people try to brainwash across the internet. Many other marketing solutions have been used in the past in order to replace the email marketing since the effectiveness was reduced dramatically. Desktop communication was one of them, some other individuals focused in toolbar marketing. They both failed on their primary purpose, to replace email and the related marketing trends that dominate the internet.

Email Marketing is still working and the countless businesses and online entrepreneurs with astonishing profits using it is the solid proof for that. The requirement for the success of email marketing is to do it correctly.

Taking care of the Bouncebacks.

There are two types of Bouncebacks. The hard and the soft Bouncebacks. The hard is when you send an email message to an email account that does not exist any more. So, when you send the email you will get it back accompanied with a failure-sending message. The soft bouncebacks is when you send an email message to an account that is valid but for some reason it can not receive an email temporarily. The most common reason for that is a server failure. It could also happen because of the filled recipient's inbox.

You do not provide an unsubscribe link?

Even if you have a qualitative list unsubscribe actions will occur. The unsubscribe link will automate the process helping you gain time. If you do not provide the unsubscribe link you must proceed with the unsubscribe requests immediately even if you have to do it manually by deleting them from your list. Otherwise, you put your business on the risk by being in danger of spam complaints.

Stop Massive Broadcasting.

It seems tempting to broadcast your message daily and hiring for more website traffic and sales. Have you considered despite what is your response when email list owners send you emails daily? Do you enjoy it or it's extremely annoying? Is not clicking the unsubscribe link your first reaction or not? The same reaction occurs when you send massive broadcasts to your subscribers.

The best time for sending emails is Friday because the user will have the entire weekend to check his or her email account with ease and weed out the spam messages. You should not send emails more than one time per week and the messages should contain valuable info and not blatant advertisements.

What subject line you use?

The first thing the user notices when he gets the email messages is the subject line. Considering that the email box will be full of spam, you have only a fraction of a second in order to have your message opened or not. The key for that is the subject line, which must have an intriguing title. It is definitely not reliable to use phrases like "make $ 50,000 in 20 Days". It will not be believable and most important it will be considered as spam going to the trash folder.

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