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The world has changed much since I was a girl. Like a wild roller coaster that accelerates for zero to sixty in the blink of an eye the world has begun to move in fast forward. It could be that I am simply getting along in years and the older I get the slower I get which would make things seem to be speeding up. But I'm not that old, and if I was, I would not enjoy thinking about it.

By like nature herself, people must learn to adapt, and although it adaptation gets to be a painful process with the coming of age, I none the less bend my will to the dictated of reality.

After this brief introduction about me being an "old-timer" I think you would lend me some credit for my accomplishments in learning some of the modern technology. When I was young there was no such thing as cell phones and the word "internet" might as well have been in a foreign language. But as the years went by and these innovations were developed I have had to learn how to use them. For me, the mere use of a computer as I am doing now is a remarkable achievement, although I still have some trouble with my smart phone …

But my interest is not in talking about the fact that I am willing to change. Because although I am more than willing use whatever comes out for my advantage there is one element that I simply will not use and I think that it can not be used properly. No, I am not here to condemn the entire internet, but I am going to submit an official complaint about shopping for clothing online. This is something I really do not understand and have a serious problem with.

How does a woman go online to buy clothing ?! In my opinion there is nothing that can replace trying on a dress or a blouse in a real dressing room. Going into a store and seeing a pretty dress on a nice mannequin is the only way for me to know what is new. When I see a dress on a mannequin I know that it is there and I want to try it on. I then take it off the rack and see how it looks on me in a nice full size mirror.

How is someone advised to know what will fit her if she has not tried it on? Form looking at the way a dress looks on a perfect model that is six feet tall and weighs a hundred and five pounds? How on earth is that supposed to be helpful / how are you supposedly know what to get when there is an endless amount of things to choose form.

My final opinion is this; nothing can replace going into an actual store and trying something on for yourself, not the internet or anything else. In this regard I am and will will old school to the end.

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