Hispanics and Chat Room Marketing

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As more businesses jump on the wildly successful social media marketing train, the Hispanic market continues to be over-looked and under-served.

The potential for marketing to the more than 23 million Hispanics in America who are on-line chat rooms is virtually limitless, and yet the on-line Hispanic market as a consumer base lasts to be under-utilized.

According to figures released in 2008, approximately 52% of Hispanics in the US are on-line. It is estimated that 29 million Hispanics will be on-line in 2012. It is further estimated that Hispanic shoppers will spend an impressive $ 21 billion dollars in on-line in 2011. They are surfing the net in record numbers and are the most likely to do research on-line prior to purchasing a product.

Online Chat Rooms:

  • They are very simple in design and by nature, gather people together who have common interests, ie Hispanics. Find the right chatroom, use Google to do your research. Businesses are still using chat rooms.
  • Remain a viable means for marketing. Although not as prevalent now as they were in the 90's, there are still over 300,000 thousand results found from a simple Google query for "Hispanic Chat Rooms." Remember, this is your target audience. Build your chats around them and making your product relative to them. Try to guide the conversation to your product, never use a hard-sell approach.
  • Can potentially drive thousands of consumers to your website. If you have a product that you are marketing to Hispanics, you may want to think about attaching a chat room to your product as a means of driving more people to your websites, generating instant interest and building trust. Do not just spam your product. Be sure to log on regularly to get your name noticed.
  • Are free! If you can reach thousands of potential customers for free, what do you really have to lose by trying a chat room? In an article put out by Pew Hispanic Center, fully 24% of Latinos between the ages of 16-25 are using Social Networking. That is a huge number of potential customers.

Hispanics most often communicate between themselves in Spanish. Do you have the ability to accommodate this? Can you comfortably market in any chat room in Spanish if needed? This is a huge plus so whenever possible, be sure to include Spanish in your chats.

Current statistics show that 55% of marketers will be using on-line social media marketing forms to reach more Hispanics. What do they know that you do not know?

  • They know that 70% of the Hispanic population are under 35, and the median age is 26.
  • They know that Hispanic incomes are on the rise.
  • They know that Hispanic purchasing power is on the rise growing at a rate of 7.5% annually in the past five years.

These are impressive statics, so you now know that the numbers are there. Chat rooms can and will work for you. The Hispanic market is growing in astounding numbers, and although chat rooms may seem a thing of the past, Hispanics continue to use them. Should not you be using them, too?

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