Why Own a Business?

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If you do not own a business, then a business owns you! A wise man told me that working for someone else is the equivalent of renting your life out. There is no profit or tax benefits for you because it all goes to the owner. Some business owner gets a huge tax break because you work for their company, while you get taxed tremendously. The worst part about a job is that you let someone pay you what they think you are worth to them. So how much are you worth?

Jobs were not created for you to profit, that is why they give you just enough (or a little more than enough) to keep you coming back. If you as an business owner paid your employees more than enough (or at least what they were really worth) than you will not profit much or often they will not need you. I think it is amazing that people think that starting a business is too risky but think they can find security in a job. Unfortunately, most of us have been programmed to get an education to learn how to work for someone's business, rather than our own. A JOB (Just Over Broke) Where your destiny is in the hands of someone else, who in most cases does not care about you and will replace you if you left your job today.

If you did not get paid from your job for one month how would that effect you? Better yet, what would you do if you lost your job? How long will it take you to achieve financial and time freedom if you you keep doing whatever it is you are currently doing to survive (I'm sorry, to make a living)? You should at least have some passive income coming into your home, so that you will never be taken off guard. You may be thinking I can not afford to invest in a business right now, but I'm here to tell you that you can not afford not to invest a business now! Trust me, it will cost you more the longer you wait! Even if you do not take advantage of the opportunity that I have to offer, at least see to it that you invest in some type of business for yourself!

However, if you do not own the right business with a great marketing system and a unique product, the chances are that you will have to work extremely harder to profit in your business. I mean come on folks let's be honest, the whole purpose of owning a home-based business is to work smarter not harder! I know I do not want to join an opportunity where I have to beg and plead with people just to join my business. I would want to have an business or product that sells itself, where I'm just an agent to give you more information to help you decide if this business or product is right for you. Is not the whole purpose of seeking an online opportunity is to escape the pain of slavery? Oh, I'm sorry (I did not mean to offend anyone), to escape good hard labor.

Anyways, I have a unique business opportunity that will help you achieve up to 80% profit margins without the quick attrition rate of an MLM. We are not selling any lotions, potions, pills, or vacations. You do not have to worry about selling to your family and friends, it's not an MLM, it has a good record with the Better Business Bureau, and you could work it part-time or full-time from anywhere with a computer and a phone. I have an system that will eliminate all of the people and inquires who are not serious about joining your business. Therefore saving you time and headaches from dealing with dead leads.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME THIS IS NOT THE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU! If you come across an ad on opportunity that offers massive amounts of cash, and tell you that the system will do the rest while you do nothing !!! Run !! Because they are LYING to you, and JUST TRYING TO SELL YOU something !! Before you join any business including this one, please, please do your homework or research on the company FIRST !!! Again, you just do not pay your way in this business, sit back and expect the dough to start rolling in. This is not a slot machine!

However, if you are consistent and can follow instructions properly, you can earn a substantial amount of money in almost half the time it would take you to make it with a traditional business. Hey, I understand if you are skeptical, because I've been scammed before. However, the fact is that every business is not a scam, just like every man is not a dog, and every preacher is not crooked, and every woman is not a ho. Anyway, you get my drift. Honestly, I'm more interested in getting this opportunity to you, rather than get something from you! I always had a desire to help people become aware of empowering them through various various opportunities (especially business opportunities), however, I realize that I can not want success for others more than they want for themselves.

To be frank, I'm not looking to work with everyone who reads this anyway because, the majority of people who read this are not qualified! Most people are curious and not serious about changing their lives with a home business.

I'm only looking for qualified individuals with a certain mindset and desire who wants to achieve some extra results. A wise man once told me that POOR simply mean Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly. The decisions you make today will effect how you live tomorrow. I'm here to encourage you to determine your destiny now! Remember, that there is no reward without the risk is taken! My mentor told me that the best way to predict the future is to create it! Determine Your Destiny Now, do not leave your destiny in the hands of anyone except yourself! Start your Business business today!

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