Billion Dollar Basketball Player

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When it comes to marketing in basketball, Michael Jordan is the best player to do it. However, he may soon move over. LeBron James is not after millions, but billions. He recognizes the explosive growth potential in China and he wants in on the action. China is one of the best growing markets in the world. The NBA has been doing their part to infiltrate the Chinese culture with more and more basketball – NBA style.

Nike has paid millions to get their advertising in Asia markets. They are paying millions more to develop the culture that warrants the buying of Nike apparel. Recently in Sapparo, Japan Nike set up shop to draw in basketball fans. The event coincided with the basketball World Championships. The event featured none other than poster boy Lebron James.

Journalists were ushered in to meet Lebron James. This was done in groups. First the Chinese journalists got their face time with King James then the Japanese journalists had their turn. This entire scene has lit up the eyes of King James, who is now set on becoming the first athlete billionaire. To make it, he's going to have to focus a good majority of attention to Asia.

The billion dollar per year industry is exploding in Asia. Retailers are sprouting up all over China. What does King James think about all this? In a recent interview, he said, "I say all the time, and I tell my friends and teams, that you have to go global in basketball and business." Whether it's just pie in the sky talk or not, LeBron James looks very intent on trying to accomplish this goal.

LeBron James has a new company, LRMR Marketing. Asia, specifically China and Japan, are big targets for the company. They are working hard to increase LeBron's exposure before next year's Olympics in Beijing. Now you know why LeBron was so eager to join the Olympic basketball team. It was good for his business. What about Patriotism?

When asked about why he joined the team, Lebron James said, "It is only going to help my business. Rebook-Adidas is not sitting back and watching. They have their main weapon for Asia – Yao Ming. The playing field is just starting to heat up. There's even reports of LeBron James taking lessons to learn some Mandarin Chinese.

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