What Are The Best Mixed Martial Arts Classes To Take?


Here are the best mixed martial arts classes to join:

1. Kickboxing / Muay Thai. This is one of the best mixed martial arts classes to join because your stand up game will essentially be covered head to toe. You will learn all effective striking techniques and very effective and powerful kicks. Obviously stand up is a huge component of MMA and you want this aspect to be mastered as well as possible.

2. Ju-Jitsu. These classes used to be the best mixed martial arts classes to take for competing in the sport. Ju-Jitsu guys always came out on top, or more accurately, on the bottom with their strong ground game and effective submissions. Now days MMA has grown and Ju-Jitsu should not be solely relied upon if you are going to be a strong competitor in the sport. BUT, you definitely need to know and master your ground game as best as possible, and this extremely effective form of fighting will get you there.

3. MMA classes. As mentioned, MMA has grown incredibly. With that growth a number of classes and gyms have sprouted up which specifically teach a well rounded approach to the sport. This means you will learn the stand up game, the ground game, and the submission game. These can be the best mixed martial arts classes out there due to the all inclusive nature of the teaching. But while you will get a good well rounded approach, you likely will not master the particulars of each art and for this reason studying a specific art should still be highly considered as well.

4. Cardio Classes. Honestly, this can be one of the most important mixed martial arts classes you take. If you don’t have the gas in your tank, any skills you learn will be negated. You can take a skilled fighter and a semi-skilled fighter, and if the semi-skilled fighter has some serious cardiovascular training under his belt, he can most definitely dominate and win the fight. There are various forms of cardiovascular conditioning classes to take to improve your cardio. You can even train the conditioning aspect of your game on your own or at home with easy to follow routines.


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