Investing for Wealth – Discover the 7 Best-Kept Secrets of Millionaires


You are about to discover the 7 secrets that create self-made millionaires. Some of these secrets are not your ordinary course of action. I realize this subject has been written about by many other people. I promise to give you a formula like no other.

During the past 10 years I have searched and studied extensively what the millionaires of today have gone through to create wealth. Their formula for success is much different then some of the methods that were previously written about. I believe this has allowed them to create wealth at a faster pace than at any other time in history.

As a successful investor, I have been able to attract millionaires. After being around these millionaires for sometime, I have gotten an insider's view of how they first made their wealth. While they took different paths, they ended up with the same results. This is because they each use some variation of the 7 best-kept secrets.

The first secret I learned is that millionaires think differently than most. They put their full efforts into what they do best. They then look for other people to do what they themselves are not good at. It is this linking with other people that frees up their time to concentrate on e-learning more money.

The second secret is that speed can be an asset. They know that money likes speed. They quickly look to put their money to use, while most people hold onto their money. Millionaires are careful however, to put their money to use in something that they understand.

If they do not understand something, but know it is to their benefit to learn about it, they will go through great lengths to learn about it. This leads to the next secret.

The third secret is that millionaires are constantly learning. They are looking for ways to double, triple, and even quadruple their results. If they earn 10% on an investment, they are looking for ways to earn twice that amount the next time.

They are constantly reading and studying additional methods for increasing their wealth. Millionaires know that it is far better to have many ways of earning money then simply on one method.

By now you realize this is in contrast to most people today, who are only earning money one way, which is through their job.

The fourth secret is that millionaires are masters of using leverage. They know that it is one thing to use all their money and quite another to use leakage and a small portion of their money to act as a larger amount. This is usually the reason they come to me. They want to use $ 1000 to control $ 30,000.

The fifth secret is that millionaires know what they want. They can tell you what their plans are and what steps they are taking to reach them. Most people do not have any goals, only dreams, which are goals with no plans.

The sixth secret is that millionaires know that money is attracted. They know people get excited around big ideas. Millionaires have figured out how to either come up with big ideas themselves or surround themselves with people who have big ideas. These big ideas attract money.

The seventh secret is that millionaires go for smaller profits than most people. This was the biggest surprise to me. Up until learning this secret, I always thought that millionaires went for it all. What I mean by this is that millionaires are comfortable earning a small amount of money at a time or per transaction.

This is in contrast to most people who want to make a fortune all at once on their very first try. By now you are starting to get comfortable with taking smaller profits more often.

Millionaires will happily earn a small percentage of each investment because they will be involved in many investments. This is kind of like hitting singles and doubles while having many balls in play. The more balls you hit the more singes and doubles you hit, ever landing you at home plate having made a fortune.

I have summarized these strategies into 7 tips I call, Dave Diamonds. They are as follows:

Dave Diamonds

1. Link and Grow Rich

2. Speed ​​is good indeed

3. Education for maximum compensation

4. Small money can control big money

5. Determine what you want and get after it

6. Money will go where big ideas flow

7. Score big with singles and doubles

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