Youth Football – Your Fifth Football Practice of the Season


Making progress with 2-3 steps forward and a half step back it looks. We area working off primarily today. Our dynamic warm up and angle form tackling is at about 8 minutes now, combined with our voluntary pre-practice pass catching and kicking progresses, it is plenty of time to get the muscle blood flow and muscle activation we are looking for.

As has been the case we have all three teams doing individual drills together, which allows us to pit like skilled and sized players together. The line started off with our board drill, of course starting with a fit, then going live. This year we were blessed with some half round dummies, they work extremely well for this drill if you put 2 back to back. It forces the linemen to keep a wide base, otherwise they step on the dummy and fall. The board is less forgiving, slick and just 6 inches wide. I'm a huge believer in long half rounds, if you have the funds. We next did double teamfits on a tall bag, then progressed to live double teams. Remember to pair the linemen together that will be double teaming in games, it is important that they learn how to work together as a team.

The backs were working on the splatter blocking drill then moved to the open field blocking drill we use called the diamond drill. Any player still struggling with the splatter blocking drill, stayed with it, as the open field blocking drill is an advanced drill. They then worked on the rest of the "Sainted Six" base series with coaches holding dummies at the point of attack and using cones to design linemen.

The line then worked their first two steps of the blocking tags we use to tell them how to block on each play. We started with power, then went to sweep, reverse and wedge.

We moved to our base blocking rule review, (which they all did very well with), then added dads along the defensive line front and had players fit and freeze on the correct "defender" with proper head placement on all of our blocking tags. Even the age 7-9 kids seemed to pick this up very well with very few exceptions.

Lastly we worked about 10 minutes on our base pass block technique.

The backs in the meanwhile were repping plays, the age 7-9s are still on the Sainted Six, the 10-11s are dong the same as there are just 6-8 kids that have played before on this team and just 2 experienced backs. The age 12-13s put in the Mouse Series and Spinner Series in as all 4 backs have played for us before, but may be in different positions. The line however has a number of rookie players on it. We were also able to work a number of the base adjustments in with the 12-13s. With all 3 teams we are repping plays on air with coaches at the point of attack with shields. We have each coach coaching tiny portions of the offense, with one coach holding the left side of the o-line accountable to correct first steps, head placement and technique and another coach doing the same for the right side of the offensive line. We of course are doing that for every position on every one of our football plays. After each rep a new group of players rush in to run the next play, we are a little slower than we want to be at this point. The youngest group is getting a play off every 20 seconds or so, the age 10-11's are about 16 seconds and the varsity is at about 12-13 seconds.

To get the kids used to contact we went live for about 20 minutes today.

Keep coming back for more updates.

All the drills, offense and defense can be found in the book "Winning Youth Football a Step by Step Plan".

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