Baseball – A Quick History Lesson


Baseball has been around for decades, often times recognized as "America's national sport". Historical evidence of baseball indicates that its roots stem from cricket and rounds, both very popular games originating in Great Britain. The baseball we know and love today has gradually developed over many years. By the end of the 18th century, many forms of baseball were being played all over the United States. In New York City, they played a game called "One o 'Cat". Other cities were playing "Town Ball" and "New York Ball". These early renditions of the sport were played on a square field. Originally for bases they used stakes, later replacing the stakes with stones, but to prevent further injuries, the stones were then replaced with sand filled sacks. It was not until then that people started to call them bases and this is where the name "baseball" originated.

It was not until somewhere between 1850 and 1860 that baseball became increasingly popular and in 1869, professional baseball was introduced by the Cincinnati Red Stockings. Other official teams represented cities from Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Brooklyn, Cleveland, New York, Ohio and four other cities. Several other teams were added through the next quarter of the century. In 1900, what we know as the American League was founded and fosted for many years to be recognized as an equal to the National League. Jackie Robinson was the first black player to join the Major Leagues in 1947, playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

There are several aspects that make the game of baseball what it is. For example, a teams strategy can make or break whenever or not that particular team will win or lose games. Keeping in mind that your strategy will differ with each team you play against. An important factor to your strategy is your batting order and pitching rotation. Batting orders should be based upon your players different contributing strengths and sometimes weaknesses. While one player may be a fast runner, or power hitter, the next could be a dependent bunter. A batting order is designed so that the players strengths will work together, trying to advance runners and get players on the bases.

Pitching requires as much mental skill as it does physical. A perfect pitching scenario would be a "perfect game", where the opposing team does not reach base once. The next best scenario and more common one, is what we called a "No Hitter". This is where the pitcher does not allow a single safe hit by the opposing team. Pitching line ups change often because pitchers are usually required two to three days off between games to allow their arms to rest. However, it is important to try and align your best pitchers to be in rotation when you are facing a more competitive team.

Today, there are many different leagues other than Major League Baseball (MLB), each complete with several divisions within the actual league. Baseball is truly a part of American history, where generations have watched the sport unfold into the force it is now. It's a flashy, competitive, skill-driven sport and over the years has never lost the real reason as to why it is so vastly popular. Year after year, from city to city, stadium to stadium, people gather for one reason and one reason – the simple love of the game.


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