Google Music Store Official Launches

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Google has recently launched the Google Music Service. This allows users to find and purchase new music, share it with friends on their Google+ account. They can also upload their current music to the "cloud" absolutely free. The upload is up to 20,000 tracks! Users on Google Music can then stream uploaded and bought tracks from the web or any device (phone, tablet, etc …).

How to Get Your Own Music in the Google Music Store

If you're a CDBaby member, getting your music in the Google Music is quite simple. CDBaby will handle the distribution of your music to the Android Market for free! There's no added on fees when delivering your music to a new digital partner through CDBaby. If CDBaby is your choice for digital distribution, you do not have to do anything. They'll deliver it to Google automatically. If you are a control freak and want to do the account management and the process of signing up yourself, you pay a $ 25 fee to Google. Then you create your store to sell your music in the Android Market. If you decided to create your page / store yourself then you can also opt-into CDBaby distribution at a later date, but you do not get a refund for the $ 25.

Explanation of Google Music

The new store has some cool features along with users being able to buy and instantly stream music from the "cloud". All the tracks will have a 90-second preview for your fans to listen to. Also who buys music through the Android Market is able to share a free play with their friends on Google+. These are called "Social Recommendations". Being able to upload and share creates a chance for artist to get new fans & more sales through their page. There's also a free track per day giveaway through the Android Market.

If you're an artist and not yet a member of CDBaby, you should look into it because it takes out a lot of the work that you normally would do. CDBaby is one of the few launch partners that is confirmed for Google Music. As a result CDBaby is working with Google engineers directly so they can deliver their music catalog to them through a direct feed. Once the feed is good to go, the music will start going to Google. One of the benefits of being a CDBaby member is that you will save money on the fee. There is no charge for existing CD Baby artists. If you want to pay the $ 25 fee then you can. It depends if you want to do the work or not. To set up your own account and profile with Google Music go to '. You'll be asked to customize your page, upload your songs and sign off on the Google's Terms & Conditions.

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