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So … being watching the political races? Even if you've not been keeping up to date, I'll wager you're probably just as tired as I am of the negative rhetoric that has been thrown round slowly. Commercials and interviews with the candidates have become as catty as fights between unrealistic characters on cheesy reality television shows.

During the recent presidential debts, comments were tossed back and forth that were incorporating at best, slander at worst. Both candidates seemed to spend more time cutting down the opponents' ideas and values ​​rather than presenting their own clear and exciting vision for America. Yes, I said both of them.

Unfortunately, this is not exclusive to the presidential race.

This morning, I heard a radio commercial for a candidate running for a state level position. The voice over sounded more like a Halloween monster advertising a haunted house than a serious political ad. The verbiage stopped just short of cursing the very soul of the opposing candidate.

If this is how our elected officials are acting, how should their constituents behave? Worse, apparently. This political season has seen fistfights, burglary and screaming matches at different party headquarters, as well as threats thrown at those who signify their support for one side or the other. What a horrible way to act! Do people really think that knocking someone's teeth out is a way to sway support toward their perspective?

Still, as disappointing as the political climate has become, there is a beacon of light: baseball! Now that we're in post-season play, baseball becomes about the most exciting thing around – especially when you live in a baseball town like I do! After the series was clinched in the first round of the plays, my faith in human decency was renewed.

Following the final out, the two teams scattered onto the field from their dugouts to congratulate and shake hands with the opposing players. These two – dozen ball players demonstrated a sportsmanship we've all but lost. These athletes swallow their pride and showed more class and professionalism than (* gasp * dare I say it, Yes, I dare!) The next leader of the free world (Oh, come on! We all know that political handshakes when the races are this heated are nothing more than photo ops!) Am I the only one who thinks sportsmanship should not just be for athletes?

When I was a kid playing Little League ball, we had a routine we practiced every week. At the end of the game, shake hands, tell the other players, "Good game!" and then go eat snocones together! Why is this positive practice of sportsmanship so hard for adults to comprehend?

Now, I'm not suggesting that world leaders should chum it up while sucking down a rainbow freeze by the concession stand. After all, we're a nation of individuals with different ideologies and that is what makes this country great. It just seems that we should all remember a little something from our younger years. Life's important lessons: play fair, be a good sport, do your best and, at the end of the match-up, realize that we're all in this together.

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