Losing Weight After Pregnancy – It Is not Rocket Science

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Congratulations! You just gave birth to the newest edition of your family, but you might not be feeling all that rosy. Nine months of eating for two, and the stress of carrying a child have left definite changes to your body, not to mention extra pounds. So, what is really the best way of losing weight after pregnancy?

You Can Clean Up Your Diet

By far, the area with the most room for improvement when losing weight after pregnancy will be your diet. Let's face it, when you are carrying a child your caloric intake is going to increase, and rightly so. But you may not have always been eating the healthiest of calories. Now that you have delivered, your body continues to have a demand for nutrients in order to recover and properly feed your child, but this does not have to come in the form of high calories. So, when losing weight after pregnancy, you need to keep the emphasis on nutrient rich foods which are not calorieense.

You Can Begin / Resume Exercising

It is an indisputable fact that when trying to lose weight, it boils down to calories in and calories out. Of course, you need to begin slowly after childbirth as your body needs time to recover before taking on strenuous activity. So make sure to get the go ahead from your doctor. But remember that losing weight after pregnancy will not only come from restricting calories, but by burning calories as well. Once you begin to exercise, you will not only be burning more calories, but shaping and conditioning your body to boot.

If You Are Serious About Getting Fit And Looking Good

In my thirty years of exercising, both indoors and outdoors, I have never seen an individual that did not dramatically change their body, and their attitude, when applying a combination of three elements. This combination is truly a secret that's hidden in plain view, and is certainly the quickest, healthiest and most effective way of losing weight after pregnancy. When you apply these three elements in combination, you will begin to look and feel like a million bucks. This is not wrapped in a flashy piece of paper like a snickers bar, and the magic of this secret is composed of effort and desire.

The Secret in Plain Sight

Eating correctly, Aerobic exercise for twenty minutes or more done four times a week, and whole body Weight-Resistance training thirty to forty minutes done three or more times a week. These three components in combination are very powerful, and the variety of benefits you will receive are way too numerous to list here. If you are serious about losing weight after pregnancy and getting fit and firm, you will not exclude any of these three elements from your routine.


You must give this program a bare minimum of eight to ten weeks before you begin to see and feel the effect of its many benefits. Your goal is to incorporate this into your lifestyle and it can be easier than you first think. The trick here is to get past the first three months. Once you do that, you begin to look and feel so much better that it becomes easier.

When losing weight after pregnancy, seek out trainers, helpers, partners, friends or any individuals you feel comfortable teaming up with, who can share or help with your goal. Over and over I've seen this make the difference between someone staying in the gym or dropping out after the first week. So, if at all possible, find someone to help you stick it out in the beginning and losing weight after pregnancy will be that much easier.

As to the mystery of eating correctly, we now have a number of very good guides available to us thanks to the Internet and non establishment individuals. A lot of confusion has been cleared up concerning a sound diet, and how we should eat for optimal health and fat loss. Losing weight after pregnancy is really up to you.

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