Top 3 Risks of NOT Replacing Your Timing Belt

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The timing belt in a car is very important to the car’s proper operation. It controls a lot of the basic functions in your car, like water pump, air conditioner compressor, alternator, and much more. In the top 3 risks of not replacing your timing belt, you are putting in danger all of those important tasks that have to be accomplished for your car to function properly. It is not the most important thing in a car, but because of how pivotal it is in its operation for the car, it can cause a lot of headaches and trouble if it is not properly maintained and replaced.

Of the top 3 risks of not replacing your timing belt, if it wears down, and eventually breaks while you are driving, it can not only cause the whole car to die where you are at, but it can also cause a lot of damage in the engine bay area. This is because it is traveling at such a high rate of speed, at such a high rate of stress and pressure, that when it finally does break, there is a lot of force and momentum that causes the rubber and metal of the belt to slam against various engine parts.

Another important reason to replace your timing belt is so your can operate at optimum efficiency. This is because with an old or worn out one, you can put yourself in a position that the belt is not running as efficiently, and thus make your car run poorly. And depending on what type of engine you have, a busted timing belt, or a poorly maintained one, can cause an piston rod to slip or bust through the engine case itself.

This may not seem like much, but when it happens, the car is totally done for.

When a piston rod breaks through anything, the whole engine has to be scrapped. And considering the cost of engines, it would not be worth it to even have the engine replaced, but rather buy a whole new car. This is because engines can cost a lot. And this could have all been prevented with a new timing belt, which would have cost a fraction of what it would have cost if you would not have followed the top 3 risks of not replacing your timing belt.

After reading this article, you know three big risks of not replacing your timing belt.

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