The Two Best Pilot Schools


Becoming a pilot is not as easy as you may think. It involves years of hard training and serious studying to pass written and practical exams. It will also require you to pass certification exams to be fully recognized as a full fledged pilot.

Enrolling in a reputable school is a big step in increasing your chances of becoming a pilot one day. The best schools will be able to impart the best skills and training needed. The best schools are able to mold student pilots to be responsible and adept in air navigation in the future.


In the US, two of the best pilot schools are flocked with thousands of enrollees in a year. First is the Phoenix East Aviation is located at Dayton Beach Florida. This school has outstanding flight instructions present in all U.S. and European schools. Their airline hiring is regarded highly.

They have an international student body. They create an effective learning environment and have high percentage of its students passing the certification exams. Their school offers lower cost for high rated airline education. The mission of the school is to have quality and value-priced training.


The aircraft of Phoenix East has the latest model aircraft. Their aircraft are well maintained and fully certified for all ratings. The simulators are considered state of the art and full sized closed cockpits.


The following are the professional programs of the school:

–         Pro I Program

–         Pro III Program

–         ATP program I


The Pro I Program includes Commercial License, Private License, Multi-Engine Rating, Instrument Rating, Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Rating and Certified Flight Instructor Rating. This course is designed for pilots who are zero-time. Upon finishing this course, the graduate is qualified to be an instructor of a single engine craft.

They can be able to teach students to become a licensed Commercial, Private, or Instrument-rated pilots themselves. This is a Glass Cockpit and CRM course. This teaches pilots to be able to operate multi-crew team environment while they are managing an advanced air craft system. This is important for those pilots who want an advance flight time and also advance flight experience. Phoenix East gets flight instructors from their graduates and allows these pilots to build flight hours even while they are working as an employee. They can do this until they are hired by an airline.


The Pro III Program includes Multi-Engine Private Rating, Private License, Commercial Single Engine License, Instrument Rating Commercial Multi-Engine License, Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Rating and Certified Flight Instructor Rating. This has fifty hours of multi-engine time. It also includes CRM Training and Glass Cockpit.


ATP Program I includes FAR 135 VFR Ground School and Aircraft Training, Multi-Engine Instructor Rating, Turbo Prop Ground School and Simulator Training, FAR 135 IFR Ground School and Aircraft Training, CRM and Human Factors Ground School , Turbo Jet Ground School and Simulator Training and Airline Transport Pilot License. This gives a license that requires a minimum flight hour of 1,500.


Air Direct Academy is one school approved by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). They conduct flight trainings that are part of the professional flight school. They are giving the authority to conduct FAA Examination Authority to be able to provide a commercial pilot certificate, private pilot certificate and instrument rating. This academy affiliates with Cessna Pilot Center programs. This center associates with other best schools.

The aircraft of Air Direct Academy used for training includes planes that are school owned and maintained. Their training courses are one on one flight courses that includes Private Pilot, Instrument Pilot, Commercial Pilot that may be Single Engine or Multi-engine, Flight Instructor be it an Airplane, Instrument or Multi-engine, Multi-engine Pilot and Airline Transport Pilot.

Their academy career training courses are airline direct program, career direct program and post private program.


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