YouTube Marketing Secrets Revealed, YouTube Marketing Secrets Exposed


Video sharing websites are such a big hit nowdays. It looks like everyone has a YouTube marketing secret or documentation to share with other web subscribers. YouTube works! And everyone likes to maximize this site either for business or for personal purposes.

If you have a product or video that you want to share, how can you make it a big hit in YouTube or other video sharing websites? There are some YouTube marketing secrets that some successful video sharers have figured out.

It is important to make or to keep your videos fresh. You just do not post your videos in the site and forget about it. To keep it fresh, you can remove the existing video and submit it again after a period of time. This will make your video appear to be fresh material, even if it is essentially "recycled." Making it part of the "new videos list" would attract attention from viewers and eventually create traffic to your video, even to your personal site.

Before submitting any video in Youtube, make sure you have a strong profile of friends, channel views and subscribers. These friends, channel views and subscribers would build your credibility in Youtube. Accounts without any kind of relations may build or attract suspicion instead of customers.

Another YouTube marketing secret underlies on understanding the power of comments, ratings and views. Who else can give approval and promote your videos other than the viewers themselves. Viewers, customers even, will come back if you answer their comments or inquiries about the video. Thus, you have to choose the right category and channel type. You do not want to be out of sync with your chosen audience.

After you have posted your video on the site, do not just let is stay there. It will not get popular on its own, unless you do some promotion yourself. This is another YouTube marketing secret. You can use the e-mail addresses of friends listed in your YouTube account. You can also maximize the use of social media sites.

You can send private messages to your friends in social media sites with the link of your uploaded video in YouTube. You can put their bulletin boards into use. You can post announcements about your video and the link. This will reach all your friends in that specific social media site. So, if you have membership in one site with a hundred friends or contacts in it, then that would be big promotional step.

Other YouTube Marketing Secrets to making your videos a success is by submitting multiple formats of your video and using titles and tags similar to popular videos. Each video service accepts multiple formats and sizes, and you can take advantage of this. You can save your files as an .flv, .avi, and .mov. If you think you video is important, you can save it in 2different sizes and in each format. This would make your video unique in 6 different ways. Not matter which one many YouTube Marketing Secrets you happen to use, just remember to take action and make videos otherwise you will not benefit from this huge free marketing source.

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