Only Real Martial Arts Stop Rapists


One of my favorite stories to tell is about the time my brother-in-law’s girlfriend got her black belt in karate…

She had her big flashy test…kicked the bag…sparred other girls (and a couple of guys that looked like girls!) with the foam booties and gloves on…did her kata with the appropriate “snap” in her movements…very nice.

Now, I’m not a complete jerk, so I let her have her moment. Congratulated her, hobnobbed with the karate “master”, and ate a piece of the sheet cake with little icing karate dudes on it….

That was until a couple of months later at a family graduation party when she began to tell all the girls how the type of “karate” she studies is great for fitness (ok), fun (ok), and self defense (BZZZZZ!).

I had stood what I could, but I couldn’t stands it no more…

I walked right up into the middle of the gaggling girls, singled her out and flat out asked her, “Tell me the truth…If a 225 pound man attacked and tried to rape and kill you, can you 100%, honestly say that you would know what to do? Could you save your own life?”

There was a deathly quiet pause as every single girl in the room visualized that horrible situation in their own minds. Then came the same answer I’ve heard from every single women martial artist I’ve ever met in my life who doesn’t train with us…

“Ummm…I guess not.”

Here in the United States there seems to be a government agency looking into just about every consumer industry in an effort to protect people from scammers, hucksters, and other assorted con men or corporate swindle.

Unfortunately, for women who are looking for a martial arts style that will provide them with a way to defend themselves, there is no government agency licensing or even looking into instructors or the proven effectiveness of the claims.

Therefore there is an over abundance of inexperienced, untrained, liars who claim they are teaching self-defense. These frauds will often teach a style that sounds and perhaps even looks good on the mat, but lacks any value in real combat.

Moreover, dealing with criminal rapist scum is no time for a woman to find out that her “training” was really just cardio kickboxing in disguise… So share the following information with a woman you care for.

Examining the profiles of rapists gives incite into a dangerous enemy.

The Power-assertive rapist considers himself manly and is the one most likely to commit date rapes. This type makes up 44% of rapists and will try to con a victim and gain her trust, but will have no problem using whatever level of physical force he needs to take control.

The Anger-retaliatory rapist hates women and will look to brutalize and punish them. He looks for targets of opportunity and will most likely beat you unconscious then commit rape. This animal makes up 33% of rapists and is easily enraged.

Power-reassurance rapists account for 21% of rapes and often spies on or stalks his victims since he lacks the confidence to have a normal relationship with women. In his twisted fantasy, he sees himself and the victim as lovers, and will force her to wear lingerie and kiss her while seeing the attack as lovemaking. However, using violence is not out of the question if it comes down to making a woman give in to his demands.

The Anger-excitation is the worst of the lot. A sexual sadist, this sick bastard only makes up 5% of all rapists. He has his attacks preplanned and victims can be women he knows or just spots haphazardly on the street. He derives sexual pleasure from inflicting pain and will tie up, gag and torture women for days on end. So vile is this creature that he will even film or photograph his victims so he can relive the attacks. He is the hardest to catch of the group because he usually kills his victims when he’s through.

During an attack your mind will be racing and you won’t be thinking clearing about what kind of rapist you are dealing with and what approach to take, but what all experts agree on is that a “properly trained” woman who fights back early DOUBLES their chance of escape…AGAINST ANY SIZE OR STRENGTH ATTACKER.

The Department of Justice reported that 93,934 women were forcibly raped in 2005 (They’re still calculating ’06)…These numbers are completely unacceptable as women can and should know how to defend themselves.

In Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, safety is listed right after breathing and eating. Personal protection is too important to be left to the police alone, or to depend on others for help.

Teaching and learning a martial art is OK as it has plenty of redeeming physical, cultural, social, & mental benefits. However, what people (especially women) need to understand, is that 99% of martial arts are NOT legitimate methods of self-defense.


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