Does He Really Love Me? Telltale Signs That Show Your Man is Completely Insane About You

Most women often wonder about this question from time to time, "Does he really love me?" Even when they ask their man everyday and get a "yes" every time, does it mean it is definitely true?

Well, sweet answers from your guy can make you happy for a while, but if you notice, it's the actions that really mean more than a thousand words. If you give your man three ticks (if you answer yes) in this short quiz below, you can be quite sure he is really insane about you!

Does your man want to spend a lot of time with you?

If your man is a busy professional with long workdays and yet he manages to squeeze whatever time he has on hand to spend it with you, even for a short lunch break, he is a gem to find. Or if your man lives in another city and will travel to your place whenever he is free just to hang out with you, you can be sure that this guy just wants to spend whatever time he has with you. If he is not really into you, then why would he bother to right?

Does he discuss matters with you and take your opinion seriously?

A man who is genuinely in love with you will discuss anything under the sun with you. From minor stuff like buying what color socks to more important issues like whether he should further his studies or switch career moves. He is capable of making these decisions himself, but if he chooses to talk it over with you and even listens to your opinion sometimes, you can be sure he is really crazy for you. Do not let him slip away!

Does he give you a lot of attention?

We do not mean the possessive kind of attention although, but rather, he is more concerned about how you are feeling, whether you are enjoying yourself during the date, than himself. He is really attentive towards you and deeds you like his goddess. He will even go to the extent of going to the halls with you for the whole day when he himself dread shopping the most. A guy that is willing to give up his comforts to accomodate what you like has completely fallen in love with you.

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