Top 7 Similarities of Business and Sports


It is so very interesting that some of the best entrepreneurs have some sports in their background. It makes sense because business is a rather competitive game indeed. Just how much is a sporting event or sports to business? Well, pretty similar and many sports exist really because there is commercial value. Professional Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Football and Golf all are both a business and a sport. Here are some similarities to both sports and business, which you may find intellectually stimulating and intriguing.

1.) In business you must first learn how to run a business; in sports you must train.

2.) In business you need the most efficient equipment, computers and systems; in sports you need the best bike, shoes, gear or bobsled.

3.) In business you must make sales goals; in sports you must score goals.

4.) In business you must strategize and have proper planning; in sports you must have a game plan and memorize the plays.

5.) In business you are competing against the competition for market share and sales; in sports you must compete against your opponent (s) to win.

6.) In business if you are the best you must defend your brand name; in sports if you win you must defend your title.

7.) In business your brand name is paramount and you must stay on top; in sports if you lose too many games you are forgotten.

Those are just some of the most obvious parallels to business and sports and there are others. I bring you this only to help you see a new perspective in the game of business and help you win market share and increase sales. Business is much about competition and winning. Perhaps you can come up with 3 more similarities between the two; consider all this in 2006.


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