The Edwin Jeans Journey


Since its 1947 post-wartime launch from a small factory town in Japan, the Edwin Jeans company has steadily grown in popularity, garnering a particularly noteworthy share of the fashion denim market with their 503 line of jeans introduced in 1997. The company's beginnings actually stemmed from the founder's insatiable interest in denim, which was not at that time produced in Japan, and which he imported from the United States to launder and mend and re-sell. Building on that beginning, founder Mr. Tsunemi began to develop his own denim, improving and innovating on the process to ensure both the integrity and the aesthetics of this product. The first pair of exclusively Edwin-crafted denim jeans made its debut in 1961, under the name created from an anagram of "denim" (with the "m" inverted to a "w"). Although most consumers today do not know the origin of the name, they recognize and enjoy the brand name and its products.

Edwin Jeans Company was also the innovator of the "old wash" technique resulting in more pliable, ready-to-wear jeans – as opposed to stiff, newly created unwashed denim – and launched the "stone wash" revolution which took the fashion world of the 1980s by storm. Throughout its history, the Edwin Jeans Company has prided itself both on its craftsmanship and its innovation, and even consumers who know nothing of the brand's history thoroughly enjoy the products in the store.

In addition to finding Edwin products on local store shelves, buyers can browse the selection online and purchase items for delivery directly to the home. The Edwin website features a detailed fitting guide designed to help any online shopper unfamiliar with the Edwin models to determine the model and size most appropriate for the body type and purpose. One of the Edwin signature style points of men's jeans is the longer measurement on all but the ED47 model, intentionally allowing for the jeans to be turned up or cuffed while still being long enough to wear. With ten different men's models in variations on the traditional five-pocket cut, and five different models of women's cuts, the Edwin Jeans Company has made it a mission to fit everyone comfortably.

And moving forward in an age of social networking and online ordering, loyal clientele can conveniently kick back in their Edwin Jeans while enjoying the social connectivity of the company's Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Flickr feeds to keep them updated on the development of their favorite denim-wear.


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