See If There Are Signs That Your Boyfriend Hates You, Before Trying To Get Him Back!

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Your boyfriend looked at you with absolute distaste after that terrible argument you had that caused the break up. Without saying one word to you, he simply walked out, and you haven’t seen him since. You have been doing a lot of thinking though. You still love him and want him back. Are there signs that your boyfriend hates you that you should look for, and what would they be?

First of all, the fact that your ex gave you a dirty look just before he walked out on you doesn’t necessarily mean that he hates you. The argument caused a lot of bad feelings between the two of you, and he is feeling just as hurt, angry, and confused as you are.

If he does feel that negative about you, then there are certain signs that you should look out for before making contact with him. For instance, if you are at a mall, and you bump into him, what is his reaction? Does he smile at you before walking away, or does he glare at you and turn away in a huff? If he does the former, then this is definitely not one of the signs that your ex boyfriend hates you.

If you have sent him text messages, does he respond, or does he simply ignore your messages? If you do get a response from him, again, this is not one of the signs that your ex boyfriend hates you. If he felt that strongly about you, he wouldn’t bother responding at all.

What your friends tell you about your ex too, should be a very good indication as to how your ex feels about you. Is he saying really nice things about you, and telling your friends that he is missing you, or is he saying things that are really hurtful? If he is saying positive things about you, you can rule this out as one of the signs that your ex boyfriend hates you.

Your ex wouldn’t even mention your name to your friends if he didn’t like you – he would simply ignore the fact that he knows you at all, and would probably tell your friends, that he wants to forget about you altogether. The thing is, your ex is still hurting after the break up, and what you said to him probably made him very angry.

If this is the case, then you are not going to see signs that your ex boyfriend hates you. All he needs is some time to get over the hurt and anger, and you will be able to make contact with him to talk things over.

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