Will Cyber School Affect My Chances of a Good College?

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“Mom, Dad I’d like to do cyber school next fall.”

Ok, now everyone guess what their first concern was… Bueno!

“How will that affect college?”

Good question! This is another one of those tough questions to answer because there are a bunch of different colleges and cyber schools with different ideologies, standards and opinions.

I first took this question to my school counselor. She let me know that it shouldn’t be a problem for most colleges because I had been a good student before. Then I went to some friends of mine who have been schooled online their entire lives. They told me essentially the same thing. It was very reassuring, but I’ve found in my 16 years of life that it’s best to build a body of knowledge for most things because you will never know when it will come in handy, like face painting or unicycle riding (I haven’t totally mastered the second yet).

Googling this subject found me a lot of sights about cyber colleges. Interesting, but not quite what I am looking for….aha! A site called college confidential has the answer to this question in an article called “Cyber School and College Admissions.”

His overall point is that being schooled online shouldn’t hurt your chances at a good college. Before it was looked on with more skepticism, but now virtual school’s popularity is quickly growing, and gaining respect also. Most colleges today will have a separate page for cyber schooling requirements.

For example, Penn State offers a web page of requirements for home schooled students. Home school students are basically required the same things as kids who go to public schools. Home schooling isn’t the same as cyber schooling, but it is usually grouped in the same categories and looked upon similarly.

Personally I am happy to know that my choice to be in online school will not have a negative effect on colleges, but I am not sure that I will be going to college in a couple years.

I have decided to go into ministry when I am older. I think in my case it would be better if I could gain more experience working with other than going to a college, not that I am ruling out colleges. My biggest gripe with colleges is the insane amount of debt they give you.

So what could I do instead?

Well James Altucher has about 8 alternatives to college. They are to:

1. Start a business

2. Travel the world

3. Create art

4. Make people laugh (teaches how to communicate with people, and can be used for things like writing)

5. Write a book

6. Work in a charity

7. Master a game

8. Master a sport

I can see none of these alternatives being hurt by virtual school. In fact in online school most of these can probably be started during all of the free time that is gained!

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