10 Benefits of a Quality In-Flight Entertainment Solution

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Customer retention is vital for all airlines, as they seek to encourage passengers to remain loyal when booking their next flights. However, with fierce competition within the sector, each airline must work hard to improve the flying experience for their passengers in order to build long term relationship.

From in-flight movies and TV shows to audio books and music, there are lots of options available to airlines wanting to entertain their passengers. Here are 10 benefits to airlines investing in a quality in-flight entertainment solution.

1. By providing passengers with an enjoyable in-flight experience, they are more likely to use your airline in the future. A good in-flight movie, for example, can go a long way to helping passengers thoroughly enjoy their journey.

2. As well as rebooking with you in the future, a happy passenger may also recommend your airline to friends, relatives or associates within their social network.

3. On the flipside, passengers may never use or recommend your airline again if their experience was a negative one. Poor in-flight entertainment could make a major contribution to low levels of satisfaction.

4. If any passengers are nervous fliers, an interesting and diverse entertainment offering will help to distract them from their concerns and enjoy the flight.

5. Where flights are particularly long, passengers can become tired and restless. However, a good in-flight entertainment package will help focus their attention and make the flight time feel much shorter.

6. It is important to recognise that not all passengers want to be entertained; some will want rest and relaxation during the flight. An excellent solution is pzizz, a new system designed to help passengers relax and sleep during flights.

7. in-flight entertainment, with its on-screen opportunities, may be the perfect medium for third party advertisers and could help your airline to maximise its on-board revenue potential.

8. Your airline could also use the on-screen opportunities to promote its range of duty free goods, food and beverages to help maximise sales.

9. Rental of headsets to passengers so they can enjoy in-flight entertainment can also prove to be a useful source of revenue.

10. Airlines are now generating even more income by providing rentable portable entertainment systems, such as the Sony PSP, which allow passengers to play in-flight games and watch movies and TV shows.

If you require in-flight entertainment solutions, an in-flight movie package or selection of in-flight games may be the answer.

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