Increasing Crime and Society

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Today’s newspapers are flooded with day light robbery cases, theft, murders etc. which are rampant everywhere. Nobody is sure about his safety as the criminals are always ready to snatch our lives just for a little amount of money. There are many cases where the hardcore criminals commit heinous crimes and put lives of common people in danger. Apparently there is a great decline in social order in today’s life. Newspapers, media reports and TV channels are full of crime reports these days as there has become a great increase in crime as compared to the past. Fear of horror shakes us deep down into our nerves and this leads us to have a serious thought over the uncontrollable series of crimes taking place in all directions around us.

Acts of crime are detrimental to the society as there is a section of depressed souls who turn into criminals and tread on the wrong path never to return. They take it as a short route to prosperity and merry-making by amassing adequate money to fulfil their desires. Unlimited forms of crimes are prevalent in the society such as extortion, kidnapping, murder, abduction,property crimes, cyber crimes, human trafficking etc. However money is the sole motive behind majority of all these crimes. There is another form of crime which is directly related to women such as sexual assault against women, rapes, eve teasing etc at public places.

It is a fact that people with criminal intentions don’t hesitate in committing crimes like stealing bikes, mobiles etc. as they have no aim in their lives and want to fulfil their desires through illegal means. Mismanagement in the field of education gives rise to unemployment and indecisive state of mind of today’s youth. In lack of proper guidance for better vocational education, a young mind is totally frustrated and continue getting higher education aimlessly. Surprisingly, in most of the cases, the educated youngsters get involved in criminal acts as they need extra pocket-money and they are bound to pursue undesirable aspirations resulting in the inclination towards making money through unfair means. Habit of taking drugs can also result in diverting the people towards criminal acts as they fail to identify between right or wrong. Moreover, poor financial conditions, over-population and inadequate moral values can also lead an individual to commit petty and heinous crimes.

Punitive measures such as imprisonment and financial penalties should be enforced strictly by the concerned agencies. People in general should come forward to support the new order and make sure to obey the new legal order so that society may be a place to live with dignity. The police should have to be more vigilant in enforcing the law effectively. Plus, surveillance cameras should be installed at crowded public places, restaurants, railway stations, airports, shopping Malls etc. So,it should be an accountability of people/authorities/concerned agencies to curb crime and improve the social conditions to make a crime-free environment to live in.

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