20 Top Tips for a 40th Birthday Party

  1. Plan early Give yourself plenty of time to plan your event, research party ideas and to secure your preferred venue (if not holding the party at home).
  2. Budget Set yourself a realistic budget. Prioritise where you’ll get the most “bang for buck”. For example a three piece band will eat up a large percentage of your entertainment budget and guests might not take advantage of this entertainment until late in the night.
  3. Choosing the right venue Consider the type of party you are having (i.e. will it be a loud party), the number of people, easy access for guests, how much space do you require, etc. Loud/noisy parties are probably best placed at a local venue or hall. Your neighbours would appreciate it. If you do choose to hold your party at home, let your neighbours know in advance… or invite them too!
  4. Have a themed party Is having fun a big part of what you want to achieve at your event? Do you want all your guests interacting and socialising? Do you like to offer your guests something a bit different in the way of entertainment? Is hosting a memorable night important to you? Choose a theme that will appeal to the masses rather than just your own particular taste. Keeping the theme broad will allow all personality types to get involved, without feeling uncomfortable (give hints to assist on your invitation). Then a themed party creates an event guests will remember for a long time to come.
  5. Some casino theme suggestions include – James Bond Viva Las Vegas Casino Royale Roaring 20s Speakeasy Gangsters & Molls…. just to name a few Don’t forget to include the theme on your invitations. Guests will start talking about your event before the night. It’ll create a sense of expectation and excitement.
  6. Checklist Prepare a checklist or to do list, including dates and who’s responsible for each task.
  7. Delegate Share the load – don’t do it all yourself! Ask family and friends to assist in planning and tasks.
  8. Resources Use the internet to search for “free party budget templates”, checklists and invitations.
  9. Send out invitations well in advance Don’t leave invitations until the last minute. Try to send invitations out around 4 weeks prior to your party. This will ensure friends and relatives have marked the occasion in their diaries. Give hints to assist your guests on your invitation (ie dress code, parking options, BYO or not, catering provided or not, etc.)
  10. RSVPs Request these approx. 2 weeks prior to your party, so you can confirm numbers with caterers and other suppliers.
  11. Catering Depending on the event format and timing ensure guests are aware as to whether there will be food provided at your party. Be sure to provide a variety of food to cater for all tastes and dietary needs.
  12. Beverages If you are supplying beverages for your guests ensure there are a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Perhaps theme drinks to match your theme (i.e. you may serve cocktails/mocktails to guests on arrival).
  13. Children If children are welcome at your party, don’t forget to cater for them too! Include things like balloons, party bags filled with goodies/activities, and simple party food to appeal to kids tastebuds.
  14. Music Carefully select and play music during your party. Select music that will cater for all tastes. Music is best played in the ‘background’. People still want to be able to talk to one another without yelling. Don’t forget to turn music off during any speeches that may be required.
  15. Entertainment Ensure that all entertainment complements your theme and doesn’t compete against one another.
  16. Final Details Reconfirm final details with all external suppliers (eg. DJ, caterer, entertainers, venue, etc.).
  17. Shop Early Ensure you make your party purchases early; however leave buying perishables until the day before or day of party. Place large orders early with suppliers (perhaps they can arrange home delivery). If self-catering prepare as much food as you can in advance.
  18. Prepare your Home Remove furniture from the party areas to allow guests to move around easily and safely.
  19. Atmosphere Create an atmosphere to set the mood for your party – tea lights, red carpet, balloons, moving lights, etc.
  20. Mingle Mingle amongst your guests. If not all guests know one another, take the time to introduce guests to others that may have a common interest.
  21. Have fun! Although it is important that your guests have fun, don’t forget to enjoy your party too!

Planning a 40th birthday party They say that “life begins at 40″, but it’s hard to believe that you have reached this age in your (or your partner’s) life. Time to start planning for the big day and the big party to see the next phase of your life in with a swing. Here are a few good ideas… We understand that turning 40 can mean different things to different people, which is why we customise our venue recommendations to suit the individual. Whether you’re planning a low-key private dinner or a large and elaborate function we have a range of different venues to suit. We recommend venues that specialise in:

  • Private sit down dinners
  • Intimate cocktail functions
  • Pub style functions
  • Bar style functions
  • Large parties
  • Large themed events

Surprise party Obviously you can’t do this one on your own, but a surprise party is a great idea. To make it really effective you have to let your partner know that a party is planned – with just a few close friends, but you keep the number of people a secret.

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