Increase Penis Size Naturally – The 3 Biggest Problems Faced When Jelqing to Get a Bigger Penis!

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Have you tried jelqing to get a bigger penis? Jelqing is now known as one of the most popular, tried and tested exercises to increase penis size naturally. It was first discovered many hundreds of years ago by the Kings and Rulers of the Middle East and has been used ever since. Although jelqing is without doubt one of the best exercises to get a bigger penis, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have it’s problems!

1) You should always jelq with a semi-erect penis. You should try and aim for an erection level of 50%-75%. However, one of the biggest problems most beginners face is finding that they get too erect. If you are faced with a full blown erection while jelqing, then immediately stop.

Jelqing with a full erection is dangerous and can lead to injuries. Give yourself enough time for your penis to lose it’s erection and then continue. As you become more experienced and better at penis exercises, you will no longer have this problem.

2) Jelqing has been known to give many men the “baseball bat effect”. This is when the head of the penis becomes far larger and wider than the rest of the shaft. This is a problem that is usually caused by incorrect technique. The problem is that with so many guys looking to increase their penis size and so much information available, it isn’t always possible to follow good, sound advice.

This is why i believe it is of paramount importance that you should invest in a decent and reputable penis exercise program. Jelqing involves exercising from the base of the penis to just below the head. Once you have the technique right, you should never encounter the baseball-bat effect and the unwanted side effects this can cause.

3) Jelqing without lubrication is dangerous and can be extremely painful. One of the first things you will learn from a good penis exercise program is that you should never “dry jelq”. Without suitable lubrication, this can lead to blisters, cuts and extreme soreness of your member! One of the worst outcomes of jelqing dry is a large swelling of the penis that is known as the doughnut effect!

If you wish to jelq to increase your penis size naturally, you MUST always use lubrication. Many guys use baby oil or vaseline, however, i prefer vaseline intensive care as it is far less messy and easier to clean up afterwards.

If you are going to try jelqing to get a bigger penis, be very careful and ensure you don’t encounter these 3 problems!

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