Get Naked in Your Online Marketing Video – Bare It All to Win It All!

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Today, people's BS-Meters are fined tuned to sniff the faint whiff of PR spin. In order to appeal, your video marketing message must reveal. Revealing, authentic communication is the key ingredient to building a loyal following and customer base. Draw the shades, dim the lights and follow these five tips to get naked with your online marketing video .

-Botox-Free Messages. Real Sells, Fake Repels.

Yeah, I get it, nobody likes being on camera. In order to succeed with online marketing videos, you must sacrifice vanity for authenticity. The more wrinkles you bare, the more real you become. You can not fake skinny at a nude beach! Instead, rock that beer gut with charm & confidence and the only thing your viewer will see is your hot and sexy message. Appearances matter, but naked, honest messages sell.

Video Tip: Next to good sound, attention must be paid to your video's lighting. A large, soft light source will produce beautiful light that will flatter the most fickle CEO.

-Home Spun NOT Media Spin

People are dizzy from media spin. They crave Dramamine-free straight talk. Your marketing video must deliver authentic messages that communicate your core values, beliefs and mission statement. Think you can sneak a BS-infused video past the Spin Patrol? Better put on your Kevlar-lined leisure suit. The public's radar for spin has never been sharper. Honor your viewer's time with genuine communication and they're 95% more likely to honor you with their business.

Video Tip: If by Take 38 you're still struggling with the script, shred it and go home. Literally, move the production to somewhere you're comfortable. Instead of looking directly into the lens, try an interview format and look slowly off camera at an interviewer who 'ask questions you've prepared. Avoid distracting backgrounds.

-Don't Skinny Dip in the Kiddie Pool. Go Deep With Your Message.

In a world dominated by shallow, empty communication, do not be wooed by the warm waters of the kiddie pool … it's warm for a reason! Challenge yourself to go deep and connect with your viewers / customers on a real, human level. People are starved for meaningful, insightful dialogue. The greater the depth, the higher you rank in the court of public opinion. Depth translates into experience and trustworthiness. Qualities we all need to be broadcasting in our video marketing.

-become a Naked Story Seller.

Bare it all by telling it all. People crave true stories. Tell your story on video with personal reflections that relate to your brand. Use customer testimonials for maximum impact. How has your product / service solved a problem? You must tell 'em to sell' em. However, no hard selling with stories. Just relate an instance where your product / service helped someone and let the viewer infer how amazingly cool and valuable your biz is!

Video Tip: There's nothing more powerful than Video Testimonials. Ask happy customers to record them on their web cam, cell phone cam or Flip Cam.

-Don't be Shy. Take it Off & Turn it On!

Take off that old, blue sport coat and hit record. The more down-to-earth you come across, the more believable your message. The public has never been more distrustful of "the man". Instead of sending a corporate vibe, toss the tweed and go semi-casual. We believe people who are like us. It's okay to sip champagne from your gold plated Jacuzzi in the back of your super-stretch Hummer, just do not shoot your video there. (Without, you can squeeze all the guys from the shipping dept in the tub with you.) Now that's memorable!

Video Tip: Do not be afraid to be different. Apple made a business out of it. Would not it be great to be just 5% more like Apple? You can by stepping out of your comfort zone and pushing your creative limits with your online video. Maximize your creative possibilities by shooting your video against a green screen. This allows you to manipulate the background image in post production.

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