Penis Sensitivity and Nerve Health – How Acetyl L Carnitine May Improve Penis Sensation

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According to a report from the University of Maryland Medical Center, acetyl L carnitine, or ALCAR, an important amino acid, has a wide range of health benefits which may positively affect sexual performance, sexual pleasure and overall penis health. Men, who have experienced reduced sensitivity, as well as numerous other penis-related issues, should be aware of the penis health benefits of ALCAR and how it can affect their long-term ability to enjoy sexual activity.

What is acetyl L carnitine?

Acetyl L carnitine is an amino acid – a chain of molecules which functions as a component of proteins, which play multiple roles in the body. The main task of ALCAR is to turn fat into fuel that the body can use to carry out its metabolic functions. While acetyl L carnitine is made in the body in small amounts, and may be ingested in certain foods, many individuals do not have optimum levels of this important substance in their bodies and may not be able to absorb it effectively from foods or dietary supplements.

Additional functions of acetyl L carnitine

In addition to its role in metabolic function, ALCAR is a well-known antioxidant, a molecule which attaches to free radicals (harmful molecules from the environment) and neutralizes them, preventing them from causing long-term damage to the cells. Acetyl L carnitine has been used to treat chronic health conditions ranging from heart disease to diabetic neuropathy (in which the nervous tissue throughout the body is destroyed by high levels of sugar in the blood) to Alzheimer’s disease to infertility.

The penis health benefits of acetyl L carnitine

When it comes to the penis, ALCAR has numerous benefits that should not be overlooked as part of the male health care regimen.

• Nerve cell repair – Acetyl L carnitine provides important nervous system support and helps to repair damaged nervous tissue, as well as form new nerve cells. Because the fine mesh of nerve endings below the surface of the penile skin are subject to constant friction, they are often destroyed more quickly than they can be replaced, leading to loss of feeling in the penis; acetyl L carnitine is needed to restore the damaged tissue and promote the ability to experience sexual pleasure.

• Peyronie’s disease – This debilitating condition occurs when scar tissue under the skin of the penis causes the member to bend or curve during an erection, often making sexual activity painful or impossible. Researchers have found that acetyl L carnitine may be more effective than the standard drug – tamoxifen – which is generally used to treat this disorder.

• Increased erectile function – Numerous studies have shown that ALCAR can help to promote erectile function and decrease impotence in some men. In addition, men who have used ALCAR report longer erections and more satisfying orgasms.

• Visualization and relaxation – ALCAR is believed to affect the neurotransmitters of the brain, increasing visualization and relaxation; which are important factors in the enjoyment of masturbation and sex.

• Protection from environmental damage – The antioxidant properties of acetyl L carnitine may protect the penis from environmental invaders, thereby slowing the aging process and helping the body to combat serious diseases such as cancer that often result from cell damage.

How can acetyl L carnitine be used to promote sexual health?

As previously mentioned, dietary supplements are not always enough to provide the penis with an adequate supply of acetyl L carnitine, as ingested supplements are not always properly absorbed through the digestive tract. By using a specialized penis health formula (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil), which is applied directly to the penis skin can ensure that this vital nutrients are delivered directly to the skin cells of the penis for maximum benefit.

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