Principles Of Basketball Offense

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When coaching basketball offense it is key to first understand the principles of offense. Listed are 11 principles about coaching basketball offense that can be passed on your your players.

1. Always move to receive a pass. The offensive player should keep the defense busy watching the ball and the players by cutting and faking.

2. Quick, fast passes will keep the defense off-balance. Dribbling gives the defense time to get in a good defensive position. It is important for offensive players to be in a good, balanced position on receiving the pass so that a number of moves can be made.

3. Individual moves are important for each player to develop. These moves are then incorporated with other teammates’ moves for an effective team offense.

4. If an offensive player drives to the basket for a lay-up, all other offensive players should clear out of the area.

5. Floor balance is a basic key to winning basketball. All players must know when to enter a play situation or keep out.

6. Give and Go is the simplest offensive pattern. It is used in all offensive patterns, simple or complex.

7. The player with the ball should always be followed by a trailer for a safety pass backward if forward progression is blocked. Also, if the ball is intercepted, the trailer is ready for defense.

8. Never force a pass or shot if several defensive players converge on the ball. Turn and pass the ball back.

9. Move the ball out and around the top when moving the ball from one side of the court to the other.

10. On the shot, all offensive players should move into offensive rebounding positions ready to put the rebound up for another shot.

11. Screens or blocks create a situation with two offensive players against one defensive player. These are essential to learn.

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