Child Rearing Styles – Which Style Are You Using?

Parenting is a complex activity the one must employ style in order to achieve a great result. These child rearing styles have an effect on the child well-being. It can predict what the child might be in the future. As parents or future parents we must comprehend these styles, so if we are going to employ these on our kids, we can get a vision of how are they going to be in the future. Based on the studies; child rearing style can be grouped in to four classification. It is vital that we realize how these child rearing styles can mold our children.

* Authoritarian style. Parents in this style set strict rules to be followed. They are always in control. Their kids have no other options but to follow what they parents dictated them to do. Parents in this style do not explain their actions to their children. They simply tell them ‘Because I said so’. Children are scolded and punished whenever they break the rules. The results of this style on kids are somewhat not desirable. Children, though they perform well on school, have low esteem and poor social skills. They feel they are always walking on the tight rope. One mistake and they will get punish.

* Authoritative style. In these parents are more lenient than the authoritarian style. They give rules to their children to follow but they still let their kids explore. Instead of punishing their kids, their disciplinary methods do not mean for their kids to feel bad about themselves. They carefully explain to they kids the consequences if they do not follow the rule. They let their kids to be assertive and dependable adults. Kids in this style are socially competent and can make choice for them. this is also called “balance parenting” 

* Permissive style. This type of style produces parents that are more soft that the democratic style. They are non traditional and often avoids confrontation on their kids. They are very involved in their kids but they do not try to control them. They do not require their kids to follow such rules for fear of rebellion. Parents who follow their child’s every wishes and no desire to contradict their way. Children who grew up with this style are bossy, self-centered and uncooperative. They are also used to get what they want and often results to trouble.

* Uninvolved parenting styles. Parents who use this style focus more on them selves and not on their kids. They don’t seem to care about their children. They separate themselves with their kids and neglect their responsibilities. Their children tend to resort on drugs and experience depression and social withdrawal. They have low esteem and usually are immature. The offspring will also feel bitterness towards their parents.

You might see yourself using one of these child rearing styles. If you do not want the results of such style, there is still an ample time for you to change your ways. One must be careful in choosing you style; it will definitely dictates your kids’ future.

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