Network Marketing – Marketing Tools – Do's & Don'ts

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1. Do not Bug Your Family and Friends .

Family and friends are not prospects for your networking marketing business. If you choose this route you may end up rebuilding relationships with some of the people that are closest to you.

Do Use a Targeted Market .

Purchasing inexpensive leads of people that have previously bought similar products or services is a very effective marketing tool. There are lots of lead brokers out there so make sure you check you quite a few and do not be afraid to negotiate with them to get the best targeted leads for the best price. Ex. marketing a weight loss product. Target those people between ages of 20 – 55 who have purchased weight loss products in the past, may have a subscription to a weight loss magazine, have a credit card with an annual household income of at least $ 40,000 a year.

2. Do not lead with your business opportunity .

Do not promote how easy it is to make money by just telling three, who tell three and let them think they will have massive business growth in no time in your network marketing business. Chances are these marketing tools did not work for you.

Do lead with the value of your product .

Always lead with the value and benefit of your product or service. The business opportunity only comes in at the back end of the presentation.

3. Do not use 3-way calling .

Only use this marketing tool if you want to position your up-line as leaders and experts and leave yourself with very little credibility. If your up-line does not answer the phone this will leave you stuck stumbling over your words trying to do the prospecting yourself.

Do your own presentation call.

Positioning yourself as a leader and an expert on your own presentation call is a very effective and inexpensive marketing tool. Give your listeners as much value as you can and remember once again that business opportunity is mentioned only at the end of the call.

4. Do not use the 3-foot rule.

Talking to people that come within 3 feet of you is a very poor marketing tool. These people are definitely not your prospects. Do you really think that hitting people up at the bank, shopping mall, grocery store or wherever is really an effective marketing tool that is going to build a massive networking marketing business?

Do use the phone.

The phone is one of the cheapest, easiest and one of the most effective network marketing tools that is available to everyone. By purchasing inexpensive targeted leads you can reach out to literally hundreds of people each and every day that actually do have a interest in your product or service and possibly in your network marketing business.

5. Do not invite them to a presentation meeting.

I would question whether your up-line even uses inviting people to a meeting as a marketing tool. Did it ever make you wonder why those people up on stage rarely invite people? Understand most do not use that as a marketing tool & they just count on people like you to bring people to them. Ask yourself who is doing all the prospecting work here and who is making all the money?

Do get your own conference line.

As I said before position yourself as the leader and the expert in your network marketing business not the people up on stage. There are a lot of conference call providers out there where you can get access to free conference lines. I recommend that you actually record the call so that your time can be sent more effectively prospecting rather than doing a live presentation call once or twice a day. Understand that some conference line providers may charge you a minimal fee if you do want to have a recorded call.

In conclusion I hope you have found value in the marketing tools and tips here and that you will see success in your network marketing business. It is my hope that you can implement at least one of these marketing tools and tips into your network marketing business and can avoid those pitfalls of using ineffective marketing tools or techniques. May you take that next positive step in your business and see success in you MLM.

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