Article Marketing – Quantity Vs Quality?

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When you start an article marketing campaign one of the most common questions asked is whether you should have hundreds of articles written promoting your product or service. The real question that should be asked is which is better, quantity or quality? The fact is, that both can be good if used correctly. Let’s take a look at the benefits of each aspect.


By writing many articles that will be submitted to article directories you are of course building many backlinks to your website. In most cases in the resource box area you will be linking to your website. For each article listed within an article directory, it counts as a link back to your website. As we all know quality links help substantially with your website’s search engine optimization. This is the main benefit from submitting a high number of articles.

Of course another benefit is that with more articles being submitted to the directories it also enables you to increase your viewership, along with increasing the odds of becoming a top author within a specific category. Being a top author can make you appear as an expert or authority figure within the category. This can be good for your business.

On the other hand, if you are submitting “fluff” articles that do not contain any true benefit to those who are reading it, then you lose the real benefit of article marketing. With every article you write, you want to ensure it’s providing solid information, as you lose credibility when you provide poor quality articles.


Without a doubt quality is extremely important. If you are not writing quality articles then you may find that your articles will start getting rejected by the editors at the article directories. It is essential that you always keep a high standard of writing, as it’s your reputation at stake, and it is in your best interest to keep this at a high level. When you maintain superior quality, you can appear as a true expert within your niche. This is important, as if you are selling a product or a service, then it instills trust with your reader. Trust is an important selling factor, and by building this with your articles, you can increase your overall conversion rate.

So to answer the question, quality vs quantity which is more important? I believe that both are essential aspects to ensure your article marketing is optimized to its fullest potential. If you can have the lethal combination of high quality articles along with having a large number of them, you’ve just hit the winning combination to being successful with this type of online promotion.

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