Horse Bathing Tips

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Those of you that own or have owned a horse or horses can attest to the fact that keeping their horse or horses clean on an everyday basis can be quite the undertaking depending on your situation, but when they roll in their stall! AAAAAAHHHHRRRGGGG!

Horses will roll! This is inevitable. Whether it's in their stall, in the dirt or in the sand, whether to scratch themselves or to stretch their legs or to realign their muscles and bones, this is going to happen from time to time and there is nothing you can do to stop it . So, when you're lovely stead lies down or rolls in its stall, call in the fire hose.

Of course this is worst case scenario but you will be faced with this task eventually and it can be quite nasty so you will need plenty of shampoo, some big sponges, a bucket and a shedding blade, also I would recommend shampoo types that condition the skin as well as their coat in this situation.

Fill a bucket with warm water and apply the shampoo according to the directions on the bottle. Now, using a big sponge, sponge down your horse's hind quarters and girth area. Work your way down the length of their body, working from top to bottom. The face is tricky because every horse acts differently about this. I use a smaller sponge and work slowly and gently. Rinse their coat well with clean water. Next, use a shedding blade or sweat blade to wring the excess water from their coat to speed the drying process.

When you are finished with the waste removal you will want to put on some kind of coat conditioner to restore the natural oils you striped from their coat. There are a plethora of coat conditioners, mane and tail detanglers, whiteners, hoof polishes and other horse grooming products out there designed specifically to make your horse look its very best.

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