How to Raise Money For Property Investing

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Usually the largest hurdle preventing many people from getting into property investing is raising the necessary funds for the deposit and refurbishment. However, there are a number of ways around this. The obvious route to take is to use your own personal savings to fund a property investment. This should hopefully help you avoid taking out risky loans with interest rates.

Some people choose to borrow from friends and family. This is sometimes a good option, but can often put additional pressure on you and there is also always a risk it could affect valuable personal relationships.

If you are currently a homeowner you could look into re-mortgaging your property to raise the finance. This will probably increase your monthly mortgage re-payments, but is often the quickest and easiest way to get you started. You can download a great free re-mortgage guide from Moneysavingexpert, which provides some helpful tips.

In some cases people take out an option on a property. This is a legally binding agreement between you and a vendor to buy a property. The option should provide you with a below market value price. In order to take advantage of this option you could sell the option to a third party for a sum that still enables them to buy the property below market value. This option agreement should benefit all parties and enable you to generate some funds for your own property investment. One of the best indirect ways of raising finance is to keep your credit rating as clean and high as possible. This will enable you to borrow and finance your property investing.

A joint venture is another popular way of raising funds. If you can find a partner or even partners that are willing to invest with you this can things much easier. You can use family and friends or even networking event to find partners. One important note is that you should always seek legal advice before undertaking a joint venture with a formal written agreement in place.

If you are lucky enough to have multiple investors you could possibly start a property club. All parties involved should have designated roles. The benefit of this is that it’s potentially open to new members as word spreads. You can even find property clubs online.

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