Are You 'Pushing' Or 'Pulling' Your Network Marketing Prospects?

To be truly successful in network marketing, you must clearly define whether you are pushing or pulling your network marketing prospects. By being able to distinguish this, you will have the ability to work smart rather than work hard. You will also save yourself a lot of confusion and wasted efforts and begin to grow your business dramatically by attracting prospects to you.

Firstly, lets identify the two basic words: sales and marketing. The majority of people assume that these two terms means the same thing. However successful network marketers, who earn five figure incomes, know that they are not the same and they are able to mark off the true distinctions behind these two words.

'Sales' is about PUSHING . Sales is all about convincing, selling and pushing a product or service to a customer in return for money or other compensation. When you do that, you work very hard to persuade your customer to take on your offer. Even if you know your product very well from every angle, very often no matter how hard you work, you just can not convince someone to go against their own will.

On the other hand, 'Marketing' is about PULLING . Rather than forcing your product down your customer's throat, you exchange offers that have value for them. Pulling is concerned with anticipating your prospects' future needs and desires, which are often discovered through market research. You meet your customers needs and needs by providing solutions to them. When your prospects see value through your marketing efforts, they will in turn come to you instead and ask you how about your business opportunity.

The motivating forces between these two are completely different. Pulling brings people to you, rather than you going to them. Pushing or pulling your network marketing prospects are so different that the success of failure of your MLM business relationships upon it.

Once you are able to clearly define these two and strengthen your ability to effectively 'pull' rather than 'push' your prospects, you will be able to build a huge network for your business and become truly successful!

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