Business Marketing: Would You Like a Hot Response?


Whether you're selling to consumers or businesses there is a person behind that "yes" decision. That person has needs. That person has wants. That person has problems. That person feels strongly about the things that are most important.

The decision to purchase is an emotional decision!

When your marketing communications are too professional, technical, or logical they never tap into the emotions of the target audience. Marketing messages like those are tepid. They do not stick.

If you want to trigger a hot response your message has to reach out and grab the prospect by the gut then start massaging until it breaks out in a sweat.

You do not do that by talking about some hum drum feature the prospect has no idea he should even care about. You do that by walking in step with what gets your prospect fired up.

For example, if you send a flyer to a household with a pretty picture of your dishwasher that lists features such as its insulated side walls … maybe even includes an in-store dated coupon you should expect lackluster results.

Yet, if instead of that flyer you sent a handwritten letter to the man of the house from a guy telling the story of how his wife seems to, without fail, crank up the dishwasher every time a big game comes on TV asking if his wife does that too.

And then the letter went on to describe how a jet engine has nothing on that beast his wife uses to wash the dishes … telling the reader how he and his wife were headed for the divorce courts and that's why he's writing today.

And then explains he's writing today because he saved his marriage and now he wants to help save the marriage of his fellow sports fans.

Then he writes how he just bought his wife, Marge, this dishwasher that's so quite the only way they know the thing is running is when they see the green light.

And then he goes on to tell the reader how he's talked to Joe at your local store and because you're a fellow sports fan he's set it all up with Joe so all you have to do is bring in this letter and Joe will fix you up and give you a hefty fellow nearly divorced "sports fan" discount.

Now imagine you're the man of that household. How long do you think you'll look at that pretty flyer … 3 seconds tops?

Now what about the letter from your fellow sports fan? Would not you be shaking your head thinking, man my wife does that too? Would not you be thinking about all those unnecessary spats you and your wife have over a stupid old noisy dishwasher?

Do you think you'd read that letter letter word-for-word? You bet you would.

You see, when your message hones in on what your prospect is going through, what they're feeling, and shows them how you can make things better … you get a hot response.


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