Internet Marketing Opportunities in Developing Countries

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Before we Start, Chuck the Term: "Third World"
At the outside, and without wanting to offend, please allow me to caution about the use of the term "third world". "Third world" and "third world countries" are outdated and politically insensitive terms, having the connotation of inferiority, backwardness, sub-standard, low etc., and also denotes inferiority of the people of those countries. Something like: "Third grade people live in third world countries". It is terminology associated with and rooted in imperialism, colonialism and the oppressive regimes of the "superior conquerors"

Perceptions of and Approaches to Developing Countries are Crucial for Marketing Success in those Countries
Notwithstanding the above and without venturing into the very role of imperialism and colonization in the creation of these weaknesses, the reality of wealthier and poorer nations can not be negated. Here, the more acceptable and less patronizing terms for "third world" would be "developing countries", or better still, "emerging market economies". I think a shift in how people in emerging market countries are referred to and perceived would probably be a prerequisite for successful business and marketing ventures in such countries. It is inevitable that the perceptions and attitudes about the people targeted for marketing purposes will infiltrate the marketing approach and strategies.

Developing countries: Fertile Ground for Home Business Opportunities
Human beings have vastly more in common than the differentials of income, status and standard of living. As much as poor people may not have the material means to be perceived as potential customers or clients, as much should their aspirations, their drive and hence their potential to achieve and succeed never be underestimated. With this in mind I have no doubt that the market for products with skills development and income generating components integral to them, is absolutely massive and grossly neglected in developing countries! Just consider this against the background of the sky high levels of unemployment in developing countries. In the vast majority of cases employment = poverty. However, unemployment does not equal a lack of ability. More often than not is it merely about the absence of opportunity which is sadly overwhelmingly more prevalent in emerging market economies. Furthermore, there are a disproportionately higher number of well-qualified and computer literate unemployed people in developing countries compared to the number in developed countries. Here, developing countries offer very fertile ground and untapped opportunities for quality home based work and business opportunities.

Internet Affiliate Marketing is Ideal for Developing Countries
This is especially true for internet marketing type positions that require a nominal financial investment to get started, and more so for affiliate marketing positions where the products have been tested and tried and where comprehensive guidelines for an effective internet marketing campaign are provided together with the tools , including product websites, to greatly enhance the opportunities of marketing success.

In considering the developing world for marketing purposes it must also be borne in mind that all developing countries have a strong developed component. In fact, there is a middle-class boom taking place in most of the developing world with the economic growth rate of many developing countries by far surpassing that of developed countries. This is the reason why these developing countries are also referred to as emerging market economies. It tells us a great deal about the potential of these countries for new business opportunities.

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