What Is A Gypsy Skirt?

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This skirt is probably the most fun piece of clothing to wear there is. It kicks out when you walk; it flows in all directions and comes in a variety of materials and colors. It makes a girl feel girly and they are very comfortable to boot. Ladies do like to look nice at all times and this skirt can be the answer to many maladies when it comes to skirts.

Called the gypsy skirt because back in the day when gypsies were more prominent the ladies wore these skirts as they were easy to make and they could move and dance in them. Peasants wore them because back then pants were not heard of on women and they gave them more mobility.

Sadly when the pants and trousers came out for women the gypsy skirt got pushed back into the closet but then in the 1960’s they saw a comeback with the hippies, not just for the style but for comforts. Today they are still quite popular and are worn long and sometimes you will find some that are different lengths. Again when women entered the work force the skirt was put back in the closet.

Thankfully fashion evolves and here comes the gypsy skirt out again, many think to stay this time. Skirts are in fashion now and will probably stay in for quite a few years. Now they come in different lengths, colors and materials. Though the most true gypsy skirt is made of cotton or if allowed hemp. The designs are endless, from solid colors to bright beautiful patterns.

If one is handy with the thread and sewing machine one can make them, or many of them, each in different lengths and colors. All it takes is a piece of fabric cut in a full circle so it will flow freely, sew in some elastic in the waist and hem the bottom and you have a fun, swinging skirt. If you are really handy you can embroider some designs, there are even machines that will do it for you.

If making your own gypsy skirt and the material is not too heavy you can use a drawstring instead of elastic. Some even use these skirts for belly dancing as they sit nicely on the hips instead of the waist. These skirts have a wonderful style for the summer months paired with a peasant blouse and a pretty pair of sandals.

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