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If you run a business or thinking about starting one, you should be aware that a certain kind of magic is necessary to make it successful. The good news is that you already possess this magic, because the magic is you. Any successful business person knows that their business is a direct extension of themselves. When the owner is in the store, there is a palpable sense of customer awareness and service that everybody feels. The owner realizes that the customer is his or her livelihood and takes good care of them. The customers in turn realize that the owner appreciates their business and will go out of his or her way to please them. The magic that happens between the owner and the customer is the true essence of business success.

This is no different for a home-based online network marketing business. Although you work in a virtual store online and do not meet your customers face-to-face, it is still you who they are buying. The magic that exists between a customer and owner in a bricks and mortar store is precisely the same for transactions conducted over the Internet. In fact, the contemporary concept of attraction marketing is based entirely on this dynamic. Attraction marketing suggests that people buy people and not products, which means that your customers are in fact buying you.

Because of this, the more time you can spend directly with your customers by understanding their needs, understanding their motivations, creating rapport with them, and ultimately solving their problems, the more successful you will be online. Working from home, it is easy to fritter away time doing superfluous things. Instead, your day should be focused entirely on making the magic happen between you and your customers.

One way to do this is to outsource all tasks that can be performed by someone else in order to free your time for the more critical functions of your business. Lead generation, Internet marketing, public relations, and even automated e-mails can all be very efficiently outsourced. You, the owner, can then take advantage of the time savings, and focus your efforts entirely on your customers.

In this highly competitive world, and due to the proliferation of online marketing enterprises, customers have many options. They can find the same product, service, or opportunity in multiple places at the same time. But by creating that special magic between you and your customers, you can ensure success for your online enterprise while reaping massive rewards from your efforts.

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