Costume Ideas for Couples At Halloween

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If you are short on time and creativity, you may want to purchase a costume instead of making one. If you and your partner are looking for costumes that complement each other, you may think that you are out of luck. This is not the case. You can easily find great couples' costumes for Halloween.

Some costumes are actually intended to be worn by couples. For example, the popular plug and socket costumes. These costumes are made of foam and are not too heavy to wear. One costume has a huge socket and the other costume has prongs which can actually fit inside the socket. Of course, it may not be appropriate to wear these costumes to parties at the office or at school. If you are attending an adult's only Halloween party, the costumes would be perfect.

There are other costumes that can be worn for parties at church, the office, or at school. The bacon and eggs costumes are perfect for any type of party. In fact, you are guaranteed to get some laughs from the other people attending the party. These costumes are made from foam and can be worn over street clothing if you wish. The best part is that many costume stores carry the costumes. The only problem you will have is deciding who wears which costume.

Superhero teams are also very popular. One popular couples' costume is Thor and Sif. Thor's costume is padded and has a red cape. Sif's costume is basically an attractive dress which also includes a cape. The costumes come with props including a hammer as well as a sword.

Perhaps you find that none of the pre-made costumes available in the stores interest you and your partner. If this is the case, you can go as Tacky Tourists. There is not much to creating these costumes. In fact, you probably have the items you need around your house. You will need very colorful shirts and shorts. You can wear sandals and mis-matched socks too.

In order to complete the tourist look, remember to wear a camera around your neck and oversized sunglasses. You may even want to wear some white sun block on your nose and carry a large map. Adding a big hat and a large necklace of flowers will only add to the effect. These costumes will certainly get a reaction out of your friends, especially if you live in an area that is popular with tourists.

You could also go as a magician and his assistant. To complete this effect, you will need a dressy outfit with a large top hat and white gloves. Do not forget to put a stuffed rabbit in the top hat! A large magic wand will complete the effect. The magician's assistant can dress in a sequined dress or body suit with a nice cape.

As you can see, there are plenty of great ideas for couples. Whether you decide to make your own costume or buy a costume, you should not have any problems coming up with ideas!

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